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With more than a decade on the market, Goudpensioen is your partner when it comes to buying gold. You can count on a wide range of physical gold products as well as our professional service. This means that you can buy gold online and in our store. Simply choose which products you wish to purchase and whether you prefer to receive your gold when you buy gold bars, gold coins, or perhaps in a combination of both.

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The story behind buying physical gold

Gold has served humanity for many thousands of years. It is not only a beautiful product to behold, but gold also very scarce as a raw material. As a result, this precious metal is highly valued and still traded daily by people all over the world. It is no wonder that we turn to gold as a safe haven in times of crisis. When we talk of owning physical gold, be it four ourselves or housed in the vaults as a national gold reserve, we are referring to high purity gold bullion. Gold ingots and gold bars are the easiest way of trading and storing gold. History has taught us that gold offers exceptional protection against the threat of inflation and currency depreciation – often holding strong when other assets weaken. Even today, buying gold is still one of the most recognised ways to preserve and even grow your wealth.

Investment-quality gold and the gold price

To buy gold means to purchase a commodity which is traded throughout the world based on its spot price, which reflects the most recent average bid price offered by physical gold market traders. This spot price is updated throughout the day and is influenced by the economic climate and can be affected by changes in supply and demand as well as by worldwide political developments. In addition, the purity of the gold you buy plays a role in determining its value. When buying gold with Goudpensioen, you are purchasing investment-quality precious metal, which is, for example, gold bars with a 24-carat purity (99.99%). When you buy gold coins, these will have a purity between 22-carat and 24-carat gold. You can buy gold at Goudpensioen directly online in our webshop, where you can view realtime prices for all of our gold products.

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Buy LBMA Good Delivery gold

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is an organisation founded in 1987 with the aim of ensuring quality in the gold and silver industry. Around 150 companies worldwide are members of the LBMA, including mines, smelters, mints and trading companies. These entities are all registered on the LBMA’s Good Delivery List, which guarantees that the names on this list meet the highest quality standards and offer consumers peace of mind regarding their purchase, ensuring that the weight and precious metal content are correct. At Goudpensioen you can buy gold from LBMA-accredited refineries such as:

Gold coins versus gold bars

Now comes the following important decision: to buy gold coins or to buy gold bars? Both options offer you a number of interesting possibilities.

Why buy gold coins?

Buying gold coins is a popular way to invest in physical gold. The value of a gold coin is determined by the amount of pure gold that it contains and by the total mintage of the chosen coin. The country of origin or its year of mintage are usually less important. Of course, some gold coins are more popular than others.

In order to invest or trade in gold investment coins, it is important that they are widely accepted of reputable origin. Gold coin investors like to trade popular pure gold coins such as the Maple Leaf, American Buffalo and Britannia. Other buyers and collectors prefer to choose coins that are issued as a limited edition or with an annually changing design, such as the Lunar Series gold coins. In addition to their gold value, these coins also have the potential to build up a collector’s value.

Why buy gold bullion bars and ingots?

A gold bar is a standard amount of gold in an ingot and consists of 99.99% pure gold. The weights of this type of gold bullion vary from 1 gram to 12.5 kilos. Gold bars are interesting investment products. These are often slightly cheaper than gold coins. In addition, they can easily be traded around the globe. As a rule of thumb, small gold bars are comparatively more expensive than large ones. This difference is due to the relatively higher production costs.

There are a number of internationally renowned producers of gold bullion bars. In our webshop we only offer gold bars from producers who are recognized worldwide and whose names appear on the LBMA’s Good Delivery List. When purchasing your gold, it is possible to choose between buying a gold bar with or without a certificate. A certificate offers buyers added security and can be found in both paper form or as an integrated part of the sealed packaging.

Buy gold online or by appointment in our store

At Goudpensioen you can buy gold, silver bullion and other precious metals quickly and safely directly in our webshop or even in our store in Amsterdam. This offers you the following options and benefits:

Buy gold online

- Place your order 24/7 and pay securely via online banking.
- Choose for insured shipping to your address or pick up in our store.
- No service charge and always access to your own shopping account.

Gold buy in our store

-Easily accessible location in Amsterdam De Pijp.
- Experience our personal service in a secure shopping environment.
- Pay in the store and take in-stock products home with you.

An overview of popular gold products

The variations in physical gold products can seem overwhelming. This is understandable as there is a lot to choose from. For an idea of ​​the possibilities, take a look at the overview below. Or take time to browse the different products with photos in our webshop. When buying gold bullion you can choose from the following product categories:

- Gold bars in many weights with and an attractively low premium.
- Gold investment coins that are easy to trade worldwide.
- Gold coins with limited mintage and potential collectible value.
- Special gold products such as the combibar or high-quality proof coins.

Buy gold today at Goudpensioen

Whatever products you choose, we are here for you. From pure gold bars from producers such as Umicore, Heraeus and Perth Mint to world famous gold coins such as options to buy gold Maple Leaf, golden Chinese Panda and South African golden Krugerrand, you will always find the gold product that suits your specific needs with us. Place your order online with us today and secure your capital for the future.

For more information about buying gold, check out our frequently asked questions.