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Buy Lunar Series II gold coins
The Lunar Series II runs from 2008 to 2019 and is the sequel to the extremely popular first Lunar series. Perth Mint in Australia has produced a beautiful collection of gold coins which you can buy under the name Lunar Series II. The design of these gold coins are related to the Chinese zodiac, which is assigned a specific creature for each year of the twelve year cycle.

Buying Lunar Series II gold coins as a collection
When you buy Lunar Series II coins, you are not only investing in physical gold, but also buying into a special collection of gold coins. As is the case with the first Lunar series, all coins are minted in pure gold with a 999.9/1000 purity. The expectation is that most of these coins will one day fall into the hands of collectors around the world, therefore the value of Lunar Series II gold coins is likely to increase over time.

Buy gold coins from the Lunar Series II
Lunar Series II gold coins are minted as a limited edition. This second series, which follows the Lunar Series I and is the predecessor of the Lunar Series III, features the following coins:

2008: Lunar Series II Mouse gold coins
2009: Lunar Series II Ox gold coins
2010: Lunar Series II Tiger gold coins
2011: Lunar Series II Rabbit gold coins
2012: Lunar Series II Dragon gold coins
2013: Lunar Series II Snake gold coins
2014: Lunar Series II Horse gold coins
2015: Lunar Series II Goat gold coins
2016: Lunar Series II Monkey gold coins
2017: Lunar Series II Rooster gold coins
2018: Lunar Series II Dog gold coins
2019: Lunar Series II Pig gold coins