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The price of gold



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The charts on this page show the current gold price in EUR per troy ounce and per kilo. One troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams and is the standard unit of weight used in the international gold trade.

The gold price fluctuates througout the day
The gold price changes throughout the day. This is because gold is traded on all financial markets around the world and new market prices are constantly being set. Keep refreshing this page (for instance by pressing the F5 key) to view the current gold price.

The gold price and the value of physical gold
Of course, the gold price has a major influence on the value of physical gold products. When the gold price is on the rise, the value of your gold bar or gold coin increases. If the price falls, the gold product decreases in value. You can immediately see this fluctuation in the prices in our webshop.