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Why buy gold bars?


Buying gold bars is a possibility for anyone who is looking to invest in physical gold. At Goudpensioen you can buy gold bars weighing as little as 0.5 gram, making this scarce precious metal accessible to all budgets. Buying gold bars means turning your capital into something tangible for your financial future. Moreover, buying gold bars is one of the most cost-effective ways to invest in pure gold. However, we understand that to buy gold is not something you do on a daily basis and that you may still have a lot of questions about this subject matter. At Goudpensioen we are happy to provide you with all relevant information so that you can make a well-informed choice that’s right for you.

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buy gold bars Amsterdam

Buying ‘Good Delivery’ gold bars

The gold bars in our assortment are ‘Good Delivery’ bars produced by precious metal refiners recognized by the London Bullion Market Association (L.B.M.A.) Umicore, Heraeus and Perth Mint are examples of such companies. The ‘Good Delivery’ status is a hallmark that is coupled with strict requirements regarding the production and purity of gold bars. For you, this means a guarantee of authenticity and makes it possible for you to trade your gold bars anywhere in the world without the need for costly inspection. At Goudpensioen, we only offer gold products from companies that appear on this list.

Umicore, Heraeus, The Perth Mint...

As you can see, gold bars are offered by various manufacturers from a number of different countries. Examples of such producers are Umicore from Belgium, when you buy Heraeus gold bars from Germany and The Perth Mint from Australia. These are all giants in the precious metal industry all of these names appear on the LBMA’s Good Delivery List. As every producer has different production costs and packaging choices for their gold bars, the price of individual bars can differ slightly from each other depending on which brand you choose. Of course, it’s up to you to decide on the brand and weight that best suits your needs.


Buying gold bars

Buy gold bars: with or without a certificate?

A certificate is an official and written statement declaring the origin and quality of a product. Precious metals in bar form often come with a certificate of authenticity. The purity and weight are indicated on the certificate and the gold or silver content is clearly visible. A certificate of authenticity means the product in question is easy to trade. These certificates are generally recognized worldwide. However, you do not necessarily have to choose to buy a gold bar with certificate. If your product comes from a Good Delivery smelter, you can be sure of its authenticity and your gold will remain tradable all over the world, with or without a certificate.

Weight of gold

Gold is traditionally traded in troy ounces (often abbreviated to Oz). To buy troy ounce gold is not the same as purchasing a "real" ounce, which around 28 grams in weight. The use of the word ounce is rooted in the Roman era, but the term "troy" did not come into use until after the 14th century. A troy ounce is still used today to refer to the weight of precious metal and it amounts to exactly 31.1034768 grams. On the international gold market, the gold price is always displayed in troy ounces per dollar.


Gold bullion

Physical gold is often referred to as gold bullion. This is recognized as gold with a 99.5% purity at least and is cast into a bar or gold ingot that can then be processed further. The advantage of gold bullion in this form is that it is easy to trade and easy to store. Gold ingots are stackable and the most suitable and efficient shape for transporting pure gold. When you buy gold bars from us, you are purchasing investment-grade gold bullion. This means that the ingot has a certain shape, exact weight and guaranteed purity. It should also be stamped by the producer and usually is engraved with a unique serial number.


Gold bar weight overview

When it comes to weight, there is a lot of choice in the category gold bars, from tiny gold squares to larger bars weighing a kilo or more. Most gold buyers look for gold bars that are both attractively priced and also offer flexibility. Depending on how much gold you are comfortable with buying, the following distribution can be made based on weight and price.

Small buyers: 0.5 grams - 10 grams of gold bars
Medium bars: in the weights 20 grams, 1 troy ounce, 50 grams
For big investors: bars from 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and up.

VAT-free gold bars

An attractive advantage of buying gold bars is that they are exempt from VAT. This has been determined by the European Union and incorporated into law since the late 1990s. It is a requirement that a gold bar must contain at least 99.5% pure gold and must be cast in a conventional weight. This VAT exemption does not only apply to gold bars; gold coins with a purity of at least 80% are also included in this. This law makes it clear that buying and owning physical gold is actually encouraged and is therefore still considered an important financial instrument.

Which gold bar is the cheapest to buy?

Of course, you are looking to buy gold bars at the best price possible. When investing in gold it is important to realize that both the current gold price and the weight of the physical gold product are key factors in determining the cheapest price per gram of gold. As gold bars incur manufacturing costs, the rule is that the smaller the gold bar you buy, the more expensive it will be. However, it is also worth considering that smaller gold bars offer you the most flexibility as they are generally easier to trade.

Shop your gold bar online and with insured shipping

Buying gold online is secure and efficient. Moreover, purchasing gold bars in this way is easy and allows you to immediately set the sale price for your purchase. Of course, you can visit our store, but this isn’t necessary. At Goudpensioen, we make our customers happy every day with physical gold that is delivered securely and professionally to their home address. Your gold bars will be packaged discreetly and shipped by insured mail and only you can sign for receipt. Discover the convenience of home delivery gold bars and place your order in our webshop today. At Goudpensioen you can also buy gold coins or invest in silver.  

Buy gold bars in our webshop or store in Amsterdam

Choosing to buy your gold bars with us is easy, efficient and secure. In just a few clicks you can place your order online or visit our store by appointment. You will find a wide range of gold bars in different weights. In addition, you can choose from gold bars that are offered both with and without a certificate, or that offer you that little bit more flexibility, such as the divisible combibars. Want to know what’s possible? View all available gold bars right here and choose the product that suits both your needs and budget. And, if you are not looking for gold, we also sell a wide range of silver bullion.