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Buy Lunar Series III gold coins


The Perth Mint in Australia, renowned for its exquisite and high-quality gold coins, has created the special Lunar Series III collection, celebrating the rich tradition of the Chinese zodiac. This series, which began in 2020, follows the Chinese lunar calendar and features a new animal each year. A complete series spans twelve years—starting with the mouse and ending with the pig. Are you looking to buy gold coins from the Lunar Series III? You can order yours directly online at Goudensioen.


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History of the Lunar Series Coins

The Perth Mint launched the first Lunar Series in 1996, inspired by the Chinese lunar calendar and the twelve animals that define its cycle. The popularity of these coins led to the creation of Lunar Series II and eventually Lunar Series III, each featuring unique designs that attract both collectors and investors. These series each run for twelve years, corresponding to the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac.

The Perth Mint: A rich history

Established in 1899 as part of the British Royal Mint system, the Perth Mint played a crucial role in the development of the gold industry in Australia. Initially set up to refine gold mined from local mines and to strike gold coins, the mint is now internationally known for its innovative coins and high-quality precious metal products. As Australia's oldest operating mint, it has built a reputation for excellence and craftsmanship. Did you know that you can also buy Perth Mint gold bars?

Popular gifts

Buying gold coins from the Lunar Series III is not only a beautiful addition to your own collection, but these coins are also often chosen as gifts for others. This is because there is a suitable Lunar coin for every birth year, with each year falling under one of the twelve zodiac animals. Looking for a specific year since 1996 or later? Consider also checking out the category to buy Lunar Series II gold coins or search among the very first Lunar series.

The Chinese Zodiac and the Lunar Series III

The Chinese zodiac, an essential part of Chinese culture, features twelve animals to characterize years and associates personality traits with individuals born in each animal year. Here is an overview of each animal and how they are represented in the Lunar Series III:

2020: The Year of the Mouse

The mouse, known for its resourcefulness and adaptability, opens the new cycle with a design that highlights these clever and resourceful traits. People born in the year of the mouse are seen as intelligent and resourceful.

2021: The Year of the Ox

Stability and reliability characterize the ox. This year's coin portrays the ox as a symbol of perseverance and hard work. People born under this sign are often strong, dependable, and methodical.

2022: The Year of the Tiger

The tiger represents courage and unpredictability. This year's coin reflects the tiger's powerful presence and is associated with courageous and ambitious individuals.

2023: The Year of the Rabbit

The rabbit, a symbol of kindness and caution, adorns the 2023 coin. Rabbits are known for their empathetic nature and ability to create harmony.

2024: The Year of the Dragon

The dragon, the only mythical animal in the zodiac, symbolizes strength and fortune. The dragon's coin reflects its majestic and powerful image, fitting for individuals born as leaders.

2025: The Year of the Snake

The snake, known for its wisdom and intuition, is depicted on the 2025 coin. People of this sign are often seen as profound and philosophical.

2026: The Year of the Horse

The horse, energetic and free-spirited, brings a spirit of independence to the 2026 coin. Horse people are social and love freedom.

2027: The Year of the Goat

The goat, a sign of creativity and calm, is immortalized in the 2027 design. Those born in the year of the goat are often gentle and thoughtful.

2028: The Year of the Monkey

The monkey, clever and versatile, characterizes the 2028 coin. Individuals born under this sign are often smart, curious, and creative.

2029: The Year of the Rooster

The rooster, synonymous with confidence and punctuality, dominates the 2029 coin. Roosters are often independent and confident.

2030: The Year of the Dog

Loyalty and honesty are central to the 2030 dog coin. Dog people are reliable and loyal.

2031: The Year of the Pig

The pig, known for its generosity and caring nature, concludes the cycle. People born in this year are known for their kindness and generosity.

Investing in unique gold collector coins

Investing in gold collector coins like those from the Perth Mint's Lunar Series III can be interesting for several reasons. These coins offer not only the intrinsic value of the gold from which they are made but also add collectible value and aesthetic appeal, making them attractive for both investors and collectors. Here are some specific reasons why investing in such coins can be beneficial:

Value Retention

Buying gold is generally recognized as a 'safe haven' investment. It tends to maintain its value well, especially in times of economic uncertainty or inflation. Gold coins like the Lunar Series III represent this stable value and offer a physical asset that is considered valuable in many cultures.

Potential added value through collectibility

Each year, a new coin of the Lunar Series is issued with a unique design that matches the Chinese zodiac sign of that year. This limited edition and annual variation in design can give the coins more collectible value over time. Collectors and enthusiasts of specific animals or themes may be willing to pay a premium for earlier editions, especially if they are rare or hard to find.


Gold coins are generally easily tradable on global markets. Coins like those from the Lunar Series, issued by reputable mints such as the Perth Mint, are recognized and trusted worldwide. This enhances their liquidity, meaning they are relatively easy to sell if needed.


Adding physical gold in the form of collector coins to an investment portfolio can help diversify assets, which is a sound investment strategy. Diversification can reduce risk by not placing all your capital in one investment category. Want to do that with precious metals? Consider buying silver.

Variants of the Lunar Series III gold coins

The Lunar Series III is a series of gold coins that remain popular among collectors and investors for their quality, artistic design, and cultural significance. Various variants and weights are available for enthusiasts. Additionally, these coins are minted in different weights to cater to both investors and collectors. Each weight has its specific features and price point, depending on the gold price and collectible value. The smaller weights, such as 1/10 Oz gold and options to buy 1/4 Oz gold, for example, are more accessible to novice collectors and offer a lower entry price. Standard is the 1 troy ounce versions.

Bullion Lunar Series III Coins

These gold coins are characterized by their shiny finish and are aimed at collectors and investors. These coins often have higher circulations compared to the proof variants.

Proof Versions

Proof coins are of higher quality and finish than standard bullion coins. They are struck with special coin dies that are used to achieve a very detailed and shiny finish. Proof coins are often presented in luxury packaging and usually have a lower circulation, making them more attractive to collectors.

Colour Versions

Some gold coins in the Lunar Series III are released with color details. These coins display the images of the animals in vivid colors, making them particularly attractive to collectors.


The Perth Mint also offers special sets, such as the 3-coin sets that consist of different sizes of the coin for that specific year. These sets are particularly sought after by collectors due to their exclusivity and the presentation in a luxury package.

Order your Lunar Series III gold coins

The Lunar Series III gold coins are struck in a limited edition each year. The order of this third series, which follows the Lunar Series I and Lunar Series II, is this:

2020: Buy Lunar Series III Mouse gold coins
2021: Buy Lunar Series III Ox gold coins
2022: Buy Lunar Series III Tiger gold coins
2023: Buy Lunar Series III Rabbit gold coins
2024: Buy Lunar Series III Dragon gold coins

2025: Buy Lunar Series III Snake gold coins
2026: Buy Lunar Series III Horse gold coins
2027: Buy Lunar Series III Goat gold coins
2028: Buy Lunar Series III Monkey gold coins
Buy Lunar Series III Rooster gold coins
Buy Lunar Series III Dog gold coins

2031: Buy Lunar Series III Pig gold coins