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Our most sold gold products


Here you will find our most sold gold products. These are the gold bars and gold coins that haven proven to be popular among our customers.

Every gold buyer has his or her favourites. For example, these might be coins or bars that have the lowest retail price, or perhaps these are gold coins minted as a series of collectibles. Whatever reason you have to buy gold, why not take look at the products in this category for a dose of inspiration?

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What is the purest gold in the world?

Pure gold, often known as 24K gold, is gold that has not been mixed with any other metal. 24K is therefore used in investment gold bars and investment gold coins. It means the 24 out of 24 parts contain pure gold. This is always expressed as being at least 99.5% pure, and 99.9% pure when it comes to coins and bars. However, pure gold is not used to produce jewellery as it is far too soft, which mean it will bend easily and therefore not keep its shape. Additionally, pure gold is easily scuffs and scratches as well as being too orange-tinted for the jewellery market. However, 24K gold is the most used gold for the gold investment coin market, although some coins, such as the popular Krugerrand and American Eagle are minted in a lower gold purity of 22K (which is equal to 91.67% pure gold).


Buy popular gold products

All gold products can be ordered directly in our webshop in just a few clicks. Want to know more about a specific gold product? You can read a detailed description on the product page, where you will also find information on purity, weight and origin of the gold. Goudpensioen only sells gold product of which we can guarantee the quality so you can easily trade your gold product again in the future. Discover our most popular gold products here. Gold coins, gold bars, you name it. Gold has been a treasured precious metal for ages. 

Top 5 most popular gold coins

1: Buy Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

2: Buy South African Krugerrand Gold Coin

3: Buy Australian Kangaroo Gold coin

4: Buy Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

5: Buy United States American Eagle Gold Coin


Most sold gold coins from around the world

In the international monetary system, gold has always played a significant role. The first gold coins to be produced date from around 550 BC, from the region of modern-day Turkey. Before the introduction of paper money, gold coins were used as currency in numerous countries. And even thereafter, currencies remained linked to gold in that paper bills were exchangeable for gold. Today, the world’s most sold gold coins are minted in Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia.

Purchase your gold products directly online

You can order your desired products directly from our webshop in just a few clicks. Would you like to know more about a product? Read a detailed description on the product page.

There you will also find information about the purity, weight and origin of the gold. Goudpensioen only sells gold of which we can guarantee the quality, which means you can effortlessly resell your gold product in the future. Discover our most popular products right here.

Best-selling coins and bars

most sold gold

Among the best-selling gold coins and gold bars are products made by world-renowned smelters and mints such as Heraeus, The Perth Mint, The Royal Mint, and Umicore to name but a few. These are all precious metal companies that meet the high-quality requirements of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) – an  organization was founded with the aim of guaranteeing quality in the silver and gold industry. As a consumer, this offers you absolute assurance about the gold you buy from us.

The 3 best gold bar investments – according to buyers

Buyers of investment-grade gold often choose the following products based on price, flexibility and future trading possibilities:

No. 1 - 50 gram CombiBar Gold Bar
What buyers say: “A future-proof bar that can be divided into 1-gram pieces to sell at your own pace.”

No. 2 - 1 Troy Ounce Perth Mint Gold Bar
What buyers say: “An extremely smart gold bar minted in the world’s most popular trading weight.”

No. 3 - 100 gram Umicore cast gold bar with certificate
What buyers say: “A hand-cast bar with certificate and serial number issued by one of the world's most famous smelters.”

Why do humans love gold so much?

Gold is popular firstly due to its appearance which is lustrous, weighty, and shines like the sun. It is also very easy to work with and for that reason it can take on many shapes, which means humans have been working with gold for centuries and centuries. Add to this the fact that gold is considered a rare commodity as it is impossible to recreate it synthetically. Therefore, the amount of gold we have on earth is limited and mining it a time consuming process. Yet another reason gold is so remarkable is that it can be mixed with other metals, such as silver, palladium and nickel to make an alloy, which means it can be made stronger and less likely to dent or scratch easily. This combined with the fact that gold does not corrode, means it is perfect for producing jewellery. In addition, even at a low current and voltage, gold is an excellent conductor of electricity, making it indispensable in the manufacturing of many electronic devices, including mobile telephones.

Most sold gold at Goudpensioen

Want to know what our best-selling gold products are right now? You will find them in this overview. It is a mix of both buying gold coins and buying gold bars in different weights. All products that our customers rely on and that you can purchase directly online or in our store. Click on the product for a detailed description and all specifications. The prices you see are current and based on the current gold price.

Buy gold online or in our store

At Goudpensioen you can buy gold, silver and other precious metals quickly and safely directly in our webshop or in our store in Amsterdam. This offers you the following options and benefits:

Buy gold online

- Place your order 24/7 and pay securely via online banking.
- Choose for insured shipping to your address or pick up in our store.
- No service charge and always access to your own shopping account.

Buy gold in our store

- Easily accessible location in Amsterdam De Pijp.
- Experience our personal service in a secure shopping environment.
- Pay in the store and take in-stock products home with you.


Choose your gold today at Goudpensioen

Whatever products you choose, we are here for you. From pure gold bars to world famous gold coins, we will help you find the gold product that suits your specific needs. These include the gold Maple Leaf, Krugerrand, Vienna Philharmonic or the gold American Eagle. Buy with us today by placing your order online and secure your capital for the future. View the best-selling gold products and buy your gold directly from the specialist.

For more information about buying gold, check out our frequently asked questions.