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The Royal Tudor Beasts gold coin series from The Royal Mint is a remarkable collection that pays tribute to the fascinating history of the Tudor dynasty when you buy gold coins. This series consists of coins, each depicting one of the ten legendary beasts of the Tudor dynasty, which played a significant role in strengthening the power and prestige of this royal family. Each beast has its unique story and symbolism, and the coins are designed and minted with the utmost care and craftsmanship.

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The story behind the series

The Royal Tudor Beasts gold coin series is inspired by the ten stone beasts that guard the Moat Bridge of Hampton Court Palace. These impressive sculptures were originally created to symbolize the power and influence of the Tudor dynasty. The Tudor dynasty, which ruled England from 1485 to 1603, is known for its dramatic and influential history. This period encompasses the rise of Henry VIII and his famous six marriages, as well as the reign of Elizabeth I, one of the most iconic monarchs in English history.

The beasts were originally placed to impress and intimidate visitors to Hampton Court and to underline the power and legitimacy of the Tudor dynasty. Each beast has a specific meaning and is closely linked to the heraldry and iconography of the Tudors. By honoring these beasts with a series of gold coins, The Royal Mint pays tribute to this rich history and the heritage of the Tudors, making the choice to buy gold coins highly attractive.

Ten Royal Tudor Beasts

Seymour Panther

The Seymour Panther is one of the most intriguing beasts in the series. This panther symbolizes power and mystery and is often associated with Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII. The gold coin features an elegant panther, with fire coming out of its mouth, highlighting its fiery and powerful nature.

Lion of England

The Lion of England is a powerful symbol of courage and royal authority. This majestic animal has a long history as a heraldic symbol in England and is often associated with Henry VIII, who used it to emphasize his own royal authority. The gold coin with the Lion of England shows a detailed and proud lion, with a crown on its head, exuding strength and royal dignity.

Greyhound of Richmond

The Greyhound of Richmond symbolizes loyalty and speed. The greyhound was often associated with the House of Lancaster, closely connected to the Tudors. Henry VII, the first Tudor king, used the greyhound to strengthen his claim to the throne. The coin features a graceful greyhound, standing proudly with a noble posture.

Yale of Beaufort

The Yale of Beaufort is a mythical creature with the characteristics of an antelope and a goat, often depicted with twisted horns that can move independently. It symbolizes resilience and protection. The yale was a symbol of Lady Margaret Beaufort, the mother of Henry VII. The gold coin featuring the Yale of Beaufort showcases this intriguing creature with impressive details.

Tudor Dragon

The Tudor Dragon symbolizes strength and power and is one of the oldest symbols of the Tudors. It was used by Henry VII to emphasize his Welsh heritage and legitimize his claim to the English throne. The gold coin shows an imposing dragon with spread wings, ready to attack.

Seymour Unicorn

The Seymour Unicorn is a mythical creature symbolizing purity and power. The unicorn was often associated with Jane Seymour and represented her purity and royal status. The coin features a graceful unicorn, standing proudly with a chain around its neck, indicating its tamed yet powerful nature.

Royal Dragon

The Royal Dragon is another important symbol of the Tudor dynasty. This dragon stands for royal power and protection and was used to emphasize the Tudors' authority and control. The gold coin depicts a majestic dragon, with a powerful stance and detailed scales.

Queen's Lion

The Queen's Lion symbolizes courage and royal dignity. This lion represents the strength and authority of the queen. The gold coin shows a proud lion, with a noble and regal appearance, reflecting the power and authority of the monarch.

Bull of Clarence

The Bull of Clarence symbolizes strength and determination and was associated with the House of York, which played a significant role in the Wars of the Roses. Henry VIII used this symbol to reinforce his claim to the throne. The gold coin features a powerful black bull, ready to fight.

Queen's Panther

The Queen's Panther symbolizes strength, grace, and mystery. This panther was used to emphasize the queen's power and charisma. The gold coin shows an elegant panther, with fiery breath and a graceful posture, representing the royal dignity and strength of the monarch.


Collectible British coins

The Royal Tudor Beasts gold coin series from The Royal Mint offers a fascinating insight into the rich history and symbolism of the Tudor dynasty. Each coin is a masterpiece, carefully designed to highlight the unique features and meanings of each beast. By collecting these coins, history and numismatics enthusiasts can hold a piece of Tudor heritage and continue to cherish the stories and symbolism of these legendary beasts. Additionally, you can also buy Royal Tudor Beasts silver coins.


About The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint, one of the oldest and most prestigious minting institutions in the world, has a rich history that spans over 1100 years. Based in Llantrisant, Wales, The Royal Mint is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs in the world of numismatics. In addition to the impressive Royal Tudor Beasts series, The Royal Mint has also released other notable series that honor historical and cultural icons.

One of their most well-known series is the Queen's Beasts gold coins series, which depicts ten mythical beasts representing the royal lineage of Queen Elizabeth II. This series was introduced to celebrate the queen's coronation and is popular among collectors for its detailed and artistic designs. Additionally, the Britannia series celebrates the iconic female personification of Britain, combining traditional symbolism with modern art, making it a beloved choice among both new and seasoned collectors.

With these and many other series, The Royal Mint continues to keep the history, culture, and art of Britain alive, while also pursuing innovations in coin production and design.



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