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At Goudpensioen you can buy gold bars from Umicore online or in our store. These gold bars are offered in various sizes and weights. When buying Umicore gold in the form of a gold bar, you'll find the Umicore Feingold 999.9 hallmark, indicating the purity of the gold. With both diversity and quality, Umicore remains a reliable choice for investors and collectors seeking high-quality gold bars of various weights and production methods.

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History of Umicore gold bars

Umicore, based in Belgium, stands as one of Europe's leading producers of gold and silver bars. The company produces both cast and minted bars and holds a strong reputation for high-quality metals. Additionally, the company engages in metal recycling, maximizing supply and reducing premiums.

Umicore's origins trace back to 1805 when Jean Donny acquired the concession of the Vieille-Montagne mine on December 17 in Moresnet. In 1837, the oldest predecessor of today's Umicore was founded, namely the Société Anonyme des Mines et Fonderies de Zinc de la Vieille-Montagne. In 1906, Union Minière was established, focusing on mining rich minerals in the then-Belgian colony of Congo. Other activities were developed in 1968 after the government in Zaire decided to nationalize properties. In 1989, a merger took place between Union Minière and Vieille-Montagne, Mechim, and metallurgy Hoboken-Overspelt, forming the industrial group Union Minière.

Buying trusted gold with a certificate

Many gold buyers prefer purchasing certified gold bars. This gold is often packaged with an integrated certificate of authenticity containing information about the purity and weight of the gold. Umicore sells gold bars with a certificate and a unique bar number. This provides the buyer with additional assurance, although it does not make the gold more valuable than Umicore gold bars sold without a certificate. If you want to ensure the authenticity of your gold, always buy from a reputable precious metals dealer like Goudpensioen. Interested in other options? Also, consider browsing the selection from other producers, such as the category buy Heraeus gold bars.

What are Good Delivery Umicore gold bars?

The Good Delivery status awarded to Umicore gold bars by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is a crucial recognition within the world of precious metals. This status guarantees the highest standards of quality, reliability, and global acceptance of Umicore gold bars. But what makes this status so important, and what are the criteria that must be maintained?

First and foremost, the Good Delivery status represents a seal of approval from a reputable institution like the LBMA, globally recognized as an authority in precious metal trading. The hallmark confirms that Umicore meets the strictest standards of integrity and craftsmanship in gold bar production.

One of the key criteria for obtaining and maintaining Good Delivery status is the purity of the precious metal. Umicore gold bars are evaluated for their purity, measured in terms of gold content, usually referred to as 999.9 fineness. This means that the gold in Umicore bars is free from impurities and meets the highest industrial standards.

Furthermore, the reliability of the producer is closely monitored. Umicore must demonstrate that the company is a dependable and consistent source of high-quality gold bars. This includes not only the quality of the products themselves but also the reliability of the production process and compliance with all relevant regulations.

Another crucial aspect is the sustainability of the company. Umicore must show that it has a solid financial foundation, operates ethically, and is committed to environmentally friendly production methods. This also includes the company's ability to fulfill its obligations and maintain long-term relationships with customers and partners.

Obtaining Good Delivery status is not a one-time achievement but rather an ongoing pursuit of excellence. Regular audits and inspections are conducted to ensure that Umicore continues to meet the required standards. This provides investors and traders with the confidence that Umicore gold bars will remain a safe and valuable investment not only today but also in the future.

What Does Umicore produce?

Umicore is a leading producer of various precious metals and related products. The company is renowned for its expertise in metal refining and processing, offering a wide range of products. Some of the key products manufactured by Umicore include:

Gold bars and silver bars

Umicore produces high-quality precious metal products. You can purchase gold bars and buy silver bars in various weights and sizes, popular among investors and precious metal collectors for their purity and reliability.

Platinum and palladium products

In addition to gold and silver, Umicore also manufactures platinum and palladium products, including bars and coins. Platinum and palladium are commonly used in industrial applications and are increasingly recognized as valuable investments.


Umicore is a leading producer of catalysts for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. These catalysts help reduce harmful emissions, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable mobility sector.

Battery materials

As a pioneer in rechargeable battery materials, Umicore produces a wide range of battery materials, including cobalt, nickel, and lithium. These materials are essential for manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles, portable electronics, and energy storage systems.

Precious metal-containing chemicals

Umicore also manufactures a variety of chemicals containing precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These chemicals are used in various industrial processes, including electroplating, electronics, and photography.

Buying Umicore gold bars in different weights

In addition to a variety of weights, Umicore offers an extensive selection of gold bars, both machine-pressed and cast, to suit every preference and need. Machine-pressed bars, also known as 'minted' bars, are available up to a weight of 100 grams. These bars are manufactured by pressing the gold into a mold, resulting in a sleek and uniform appearance. On the other hand, cast bars, referred to as 'cast,' are produced by pouring liquid gold into a mold, giving them a more organic and characteristic look.

Although the production method differs, both cast and pressed bars have the same purity and value, meaning there is no difference in value when purchasing or selling. This variation in production methods allows customers to choose a gold bar that not only meets their financial goals but also their aesthetic preferences.

Additionally, Umicore offers a wide range of weights, ranging from a few grams to multiples of kilograms, allowing both novice investors and experienced collectors to benefit from their range. Whether it's a modest investment or a larger purchase, Umicore has an extensive selection of gold bars to meet the needs of every customer.

Why choose Umicore?

Now that you know a bit more about the story behind this smelter, you can make an informed choice for a Umicore gold bar tailored to your preferences and budget. This ensures that you are choosing gold from a reliable producer and that you can confidently offer your bars to future gold buyers worldwide. Curious about the options? Browse the available products via our online store.

Buying Umicore gold at Goudpensioen

At Goudpensioen , you can buy globally recognized micore gold bars, manufactured by a company with a rich history in precious metals. Umicore, as a high-quality producer of physical gold, is known for its pure gold bars, meeting the strict standards of the London Bullion Market Association. You can purchase Umicore gold directly from us, from options to buy 10 grams gold to much larger gold bars, and benefit from the current gold price.

Our Umicore gold bars represent the highest quality and purity, making them globally recognized and easily tradable on international markets. Whether you're an experienced gold buyer or new to collecting precious metals, our selection of Umicore gold bars offers something for everyone.

We understand that buying gold is an important decision, which is why we provide information and guidance to help you make your gold choice. Feel free to contact us. Our transparent prices are based on the current gold price, ensuring you always get the best value for your investment!