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Buy Umicore gold bars


At Goudpensioen you can buy Umicore gold bars online or in our store in Amsterdam. These gold bars are offered in different variants and weights. Buying Umicore gold in the form of a gold bar means you are assured of 999.9 Feingold quality, which indicates the purity of the gold. It is also possible to buy gold bars from other producers. Larger hand-cast Umicore gold bar that can be ordered online from 250 grams and up. Of course, you can also choose to buy smaller Umicore gold bars, starting from 1 gram in weight. Umicore gold bars are offered both with and without a certificate.

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History of Umicore gold bars

The roots of Umicore's existence lie in the year 1805. In that year Jean Donny acquired the concession of the Vieille-Montagne mine on December 17th in Moresnet. The oldest predecessor of the current Umicore was founded in 1837, namely the Société Anonyme des Mines et Fonderies de Zinc de la Vieille-Montagne. Union Minière was founded in 1906, the main activity of which was mining rich minerals in the former Belgian colony of Congo. Other activities ensued in 1968 after the government in Zaire decided to nationalize property. In 1989, a union took place between Union Minière and Vieille-Montagne, Mechim and metallurgy Hoboken-Overspelt and Union Minière became an industrial group.


What are Good Delivery Umicore gold bars?

Umicore gold bars have been awarded the Good Delivery Status by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). This makes Umicore gold bars recognized all around the world. The label was created by the LBMA and is awarded on the basis of a number of aspects, such as the purity of the precious metal, the reliability of the producer and the overall sustainability of the company. This criteria is regularly reviewed. This status guarantees that your Umicore gold bars will remain easy to trade.

Buy different weights of Umicore gold bars

You can buy Umicore gold in many weights and from 1 gram. So there is a suitable product for every budget. The company is known for both machine-pressed gold bars and cast gold bars. Gold bars from Umicore are available in the following weights:

- Umicore 1 gram gold bar
Umicore 2.5 gram gold bar
- Umicore 5 gram gold bar
- Umicore 10 gram gold bar
- Umicore 20 gram gold bar
- Umicore 1 Oz (31.1 grams) gold bar
- Umicore 50 gram gold bar
- Umicore 100 gram gold bar
- Umicore 100 gram cast gold bar
Umicore 250 gram gold bar
- Umicore 500 gram gold bar
- Umicore 1 kilo gold bar

Trusted gold with a certificate

Many gold buyers prefer to buy a certified gold bar. This is gold that is often in special packaging with an integrated certificate that contains data about the purity and weight of the gold. Umicore sells gold bars with certificate and a unique bar number. This offers you as a buyer extra security, but does not make the gold more valuable than Umicore gold bars without a certificate. If you want to be sure of the authenticity of your precious metal, always buy gold from a trusted trader such as Goudpensioen.

Why choose Umicore?

Now that you know more about the story behind this smelter, you can make an informed choice for a Umicore gold bar that suits your needs and budget. This provides the guarantee you are sourcing gold from a reliable producer and that you will be able to offer your bars to gold buyers worldwide and worry-free. Curious about the options? View the available products in our webshop.