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Here you will find our extensive assortment of other gold coins. In this category, you will discover coins from various mints around the world. These coins are often less known than other gold coin series you might find in our webshop, but they are produced with the same care, featuring distinctive designs and minted in investment-grade gold. The variety in origin and design makes the option to buy gold coins unique and interesting for both collectors and investors.


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Large assortment of gold coins

Goudpensioen offers one of the largest assortments of gold coins available. For gold buyers and collectors, it is often interesting to build as diversified a portfolio as possible. These coins come from different regions of the world and are produced in various weights and purities of gold. You can find all the products in our assortment on our webshop, where detailed information about the specific properties of each gold coin is also available. With a single click, you can add the desired product to your shopping cart and then place your order with us.

Gold coins in general

Gold coins have a long and rich history that dates back to the earliest civilizations. They were originally minted as legal tender and have remained a symbol of wealth and power throughout the ages. The value of a gold coin is primarily determined by the weight and purity of the gold, as well as by market demand and supply. Besides their intrinsic value as precious metal, gold coins can also have numismatic value, which depends on their rarity, historical significance, and condition.

Gold coins are often seen as a safe haven in times of economic uncertainty. They retain their value better than many other investments and are therefore considered a form of financial insurance. Investors purchase gold coins to diversify their portfolios and protect themselves against inflation and other financial risks.

Investment coins and collectible coins

Within the world of gold coins, we distinguish between investment coins and collectible coins. Investment coins are specially minted to serve as an investment. They are produced in large quantities, have standardized weight and purity, and their value is closely tied to the current gold price. Some well-known investment coins are the American Gold Eagle, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and when you buy Gold Krugerrands from South Africa. These coins are recognized and traded worldwide, making them a liquid form of gold investment.

Collectible coins, on the other hand, are often produced in limited editions and feature unique designs that honor certain events, people, or themes. The value of collectible coins can be significantly higher than the intrinsic value of the gold they contain due to their rarity and demand among collectors. Examples of collectible coins include historical coins like the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle or modern issues with special designs and limited mintage. Collectible coins offer not only potential financial returns but also cultural and historical value appreciated by many numismatists.

Famous mints

Various famous mints around the world are responsible for producing both investment and collectible coins. Each mint has built its own history and reputation over the years.

The Royal Mint

Located in the United Kingdom, it is one of the oldest and most renowned mints in the world. It produces a wide range of gold coins, including the popular Britannia series and options to buy Sovereign coins.

Royal Canadian Mint

This Canadian mint is known for its innovative technologies and high-quality products. The Gold Maple Leaf is one of the purest gold investment coins in the world, with a gold content of 99.99%.

The Perth Mint

Located in Australia, this mint produces some of the most sought-after gold coins, such as when you buy Gold Kangaroos. The Perth Mint is also known for its beautiful collectible coins with various themes and designs.

New Zealand Mint

This mint produces unique coins with designs that often reflect cultural and historical aspects of New Zealand. Although it is a smaller mint, it is known for its quality and creativity.

Rand Refinery

Located in South Africa, it is famous for producing the Krugerrand, the world's first gold investment coin. The Krugerrand is still one of the most traded gold coins on the global market.

Buy your gold coins online

Purchasing gold coins can be a valuable addition to both an investment and a collector's portfolio. The extensive assortment of other gold coins that we offer provides something for everyone. Whether you are interested in the pure investment value of gold or the historical and artistic aspects of collectible coins, our collection offers a wide range of options. With a careful selection of coins from famous mints worldwide, we guarantee the highest quality and excellent service for all your purchases.