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Coins from the Lunar Niue series are minted by New Zealand Mint. This series is inspired by the signs of the Chinese zodiac, which consists of twelve different animals. This series is a special edition and features beautifully produced gold coins that are minted every year with a new and unique design. Do you want to buy Lunar Niue gold coins? Look forward to receiving a high-quality coin minted in a gold with a 999/1000 purity.

Collectable Lunar Niue coins
In addition to an investment in physical gold, gold Lunar Niue coins offer you the opportunity to receive a very collectable coin. The advantage of this is that you may be able to offer this coin to a collector looking for this coin sometime in the future. And as these gold coins are issued on an annual basis, there is a limited number of coins available from each year of issue.

Gold coins from Lunar Niue series
The Lunar Niue series currently consists of the following coins:

2015: Lunar Niue Goat gold coin
2016: Lunar Niue Monkey gold coin
2017: Lunar Niue Rooster gold coin
2018: Lunar Niue Dog gold coin
2019: Lunar Niue Pig gold coin