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Why buy silver bars?

When looking to purchase physical silver, a popular choice is to buy silver bars. Goudpensioen offers you the possibility to buy silver bars in various weights, from several grams right up to tens of kilos. Making this precious metal accessible to all budgets and allowing  you to turn your capital into something tangible for your financial future. In this category you can discover silver bars produced by different world-famous manufacturers and cast in the purest silver.

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The 4 advantages of buying silver bars

The reason behind buying silver bullion may be different for everyone. Nevertheless, there are a number of advantages that you can take into account when making your choice for silver bars:

1. Silver ingots offer you the possibility to buy silver in many different standard weights.
2. You are investing in a product that can be traded worldwide.
3. Your silver bars increase in value when silver prices rise.
4. Sell your silver wherever and whenever you want based on current purchase rates.

What are 'Good Delivery' silver bars?

At Goudpensioen we offer you 'Good Delivery' silver bars originating from a precious metal companies that are recognized by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), such as Umicore, Valcambi, Heraeus and Royal Canadian Mint. The ‘Good Delivery’ status is a hallmark that is coupled with strict requirements regarding the production and purity of silver bars.  For you, this means a guarantee of authenticity and makes it possible for you to trade your silver bars with ease anywhere in the world.

Silver bars vs. Silver coins

Wondering if buying silver bars or to buy silver coins is the best option for you? This is very understandable as the differences between these two product types are not immediately clear to less experienced buyers. You can read more on this subject in the following article: Silver coins or silver bars – What to buy?

Understanding the purity of silver bullion

Buying silver bars means buying investment-grade physical silver. That is to say: the highest silver content possible. You can recognize this by the 999 or 999.9 notation which can be found on the bar together with data about the weight and refinery or mint. Therefore, you are guaranteed 999 or even 999.9 parts silver out of 1,000 parts in total. Silver is most often traded and stored as a silver ingot. This is a common way to refer to silver cast in the shape of a bar, in a specific weight and with a specific silver content.

The weight of silver ingots

Silver bars are produced in many different standard weights. From small bars that easily fit in your pocket to heavier silver ingots weighing a kilo or more. View all product specifications and choose the silver bar that meets all your needs. The following overview gives an idea of the available options:

Small bars: from 10 grams up to 100 grams silver bars
Medium bars: 250 grams, 10 troy Oz (311 grams), 500 grams
Heavy silver bars: 1 kilo, 5 kilos and more

What is the difference between a silver bar and a Combibar?

In addition to the well-known silver bars, our range also includes bars that have been minted into a thin design and can be traded in smaller parts if desired. These types of silver bars are known as Combibars and they are becoming increasingly popular among silver buyers. In most cases, you will find that these bars are produced in lighter weights, usually 100 grams, making them extremely handy and very easy to trade. The bar is divided into smaller individual silver bars of 1 gram each, for example. Each mini siver bar is stamped and indicates both the content and weight of the silver it contains.

What are the best-selling silver bars?

Unlike gold, most silver buyers choose silver bars weighing a troy ounce or more. This is mainly due to the price difference between these two precious metals. Given its relatively low trading price, silver is much more accessible than gold, which makes it more attractive to opt for heavier bars. This is also because regardless of which weight you choose, the bars premium will always include its manufacturing costs. This makes smaller bars more expensive than larger ones. Want to know more about our best-selling silver products? Take a look here: Most Sold Silver

Buy silver bars today – online or in Amsterdam

Would you like to order silver bars from us? Choose from one of two easy methods: buy silver online or in person by appointment in Amsterdam. View all available silver bars here and choose the product that suits your budget and your needs. In just a few clicks you can place your silver order online, or come and buy directly in our store. Buy your silver bars today with the following benefits:

Benefits of buying silver bars online
- Order day and night. Pay securely by online banking.
- Choose insured shipping to your address or pick it up yourself in our store.
- No service charge and access to your own account details.

Benefits of buying silver bars in our store
- Accessible location in Amsterdam De Pijp.
- Experience our personal service in a secure environment.
- Pay in store and take stocked products home with you.

How do I buy silver bars online?

• Choose the desired number of silver bars in our webshop.
• Choose for insured shipping or Click & Collect.
• Pay for the order directly and securely by internet banking.
• Your products will be delivered discreetly and securely, or collect them in person.

How do I buy silver bars in your store?

• Plan your trip to our store
• Visit us during opening hours
• The price will be fixed when you visit our store, this includes a surcharge.

Want to know more?

Would you like more information about buying our services or product range? Please read our frequently asked questions page, which explains everything you need to know from ordering to delivery.