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Why buy silver coin bars?

Silver coin bars are coins in the form of a silver bar. These are best described as silver bars that have been minted with an official coin stamp. Therefore, these coin bars are regarded as legal tender in their country of origin. To buy silver coin bars is an excellent alternative for investors and collectors who wish to buy silver in bar form, but without the high VAT rate. In addition, silver coin bars can be easily stacked and stored allowing you room to expand and diversify your silver collection.

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Pure silver coin bars

Silver coin bars have a purity of at least 99.9 % silver and are cast by a refinery that is recognized by the London Bullion Association (LBMA) ‘Good Delivery List’, for example German producer Heimerle Meule, which is one of the largest precious metals companies in Europe. This means that you are always assured of the quality of your silver and that the product has been manufactured and finished to a very high standard.

Legal tender in bar form

Currently, the major difference between choosing to buy silver coins and buy silver bars is the levied VAT rate. In the Netherlands and many other countries around the world, a high VAT rate applies to silver bar sales. This is different for coins as these items are still only subject to margin VAT. As a buyer, this means that you do not pay VAT over your purchase of silver coins. This is also one of the reasons behind the popularity of silver coin bars. Due to the presence of a coin stamp and the attribution of a face value, these bars are regarded as legal tender coins and enjoy the same VAT benefits as regular silver coins.

Coin bars vs. silver bars

Discover the similarities and differences between these two popular silver products below:

Coin bars

- Made from pure silver
- Available in various different weights
- Has both intrinsic + nominal value, therefore legal tender in the country of origin
- You do not pay VAT on silver coin bar purchases

Silver bars

- Made from pure silver
- Available in different weights
- Value is based on weight and the current silver price
- High VAT rate applies to silver bar purchases


Your coin bars and the current silver price

After purchasing a coin bar, you may wonder: what is my investment currently worth? Although silver coin bars represent a nominal value, its intrinsic value will almost always be much higher. By intrinsic value we mean the value of the silver. What this will yield in the event of a sale is calculated based on the weight of your coin bar and the current silver price. Because the silver price is in constant motion, such a valuation is always a current indication, which means that the value of a coin bar can both increase and decrease due to silver price fluctuations. Want to know more about the current silver price? View the current silver price per troy ounce and per kilo.

Buy your silver coin bar online

Our range of silver coin bars can be found here. Silver coin bars are available in varying weights and are ideal for those looking to buy silver by the kilo. Information on the coin bar’s size and availability can be found on the product page. You can place your order directly by adding the product to your shopping cart.

What is the purity of silver coin bars?

Just like silver bars, silver coin bars are made from precious metal in its purest form. You can recognize this by the mention of 999 which stands for a 99.9% purity. Depending on the smelter, the indication of purity is noted on either the front or back of the coin bar, along with information about the origin and weight of the silver coin bar.

From large coin bars to break-off mini coin bars

When deciding which silver coin bar to buy, there is a wide choice of weights and designs. The main advantage of coin bars as opposed to regular silver coins is that they allow you to purchase larger weights of silver in one go – or the ability to choose flexibility by opting for divisible combi bar coin bars.

How to buy coin bars

Would you like to order your coin bars from us? Choose to buy silver online or plan a visit to our store in Amsterdam:


- Choose your desired number of silver coin bars and order directly in our webshop.
- Opt for insured shipping or Click & Collect.
- Pay directly and securely through online banking.
- Your coin bars will be delivered discreetly to your home or come and collect them in our store.

In our store

- Plan your trip to our store.
- Visit us during opening hours.
- Prices will be fixed during your visit, including a service charge.


Why choose Goudpensioen?

Looking for a trusted silver coin bar retailer? Then choose a company with knowledge and experience in the field of precious metals. You can buy silver in Amsterdam, as well as online 24 hours a day in our webshop with the following benefits:

Buy silver coin bars online

- Order day and night and pay securely using online banking.
- Choose insured shipping to your address or pick-up in our store.
- No service charge and access to your personal account details.

Buy silver coin bars in store

- Accessible location in Amsterdam.
- Experience our personal service in a secure environment.
- Pay in store and take stocked products home with you immediately.


Order your silver coin bar today

View our current range of silver coin bars here. These bars are available in varying weights and designs. Information regarding, the size, weight and availability can be found on the individual product pages. Place your order directly by adding the product to your shopping cart.

Do you have any questions about buying silver coin bars or are you curious about our service? Most answers can be found on our frequently asked questions page.