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Why buy silver coins?

Aside from silver bars, many people also choose to buy silver coins. This option is certainly interesting if you are looking to retain a lot of flexibility and an affordable way to purchase pure silver. Many investment grade silver coins are well-known worldwide and feature a recognizable design. Examples of popular silver coins include the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf and the Australian Koala and Kookaburra coin series.

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Characteristics of silver coins

The difference between buying silver coins as opposed to when you buy silver bars is that many silver coins also represent a face value. As a result, such coins are considered legal tender in their country of origin. However, the chances are pretty slim that anyone would actually consider spending their silver coins on groceries or other expenses. This is because the intrinsic silver value will almost always surpass the nominal value. For this reason, silver coins are bought by many as a tangible investment in valuable precious metal. Moreover, in various countries including the Netherlands, you do not pay VAT over your silver coin purchases. This often makes choosing silver coins a cheaper option than buying silver bars.


The 4 advantages of buying silver coins

Silver coins offer you an excellent opportunity to convert your money into a rare precious metal. As a buyer, you have a number of important advantages:

  • Buy silver in a handy size and weight
  • Opt for easily tradable silver investment coins
  • Silver coins can be purchased in the Netherlands without VAT
  • Your silver coins grow in value when the silver price increases

Buy silver coins in all weights

The standard weight for silver coins is known as a troy ounce, which is a weight equal to 31.1 grams and usually noted as “Oz”. Of course it is also possible to buy larger investment coins, for example silver coins with a weight of 10 troy ounces or 1 kilo. The weight is always an expression of the pure silver content. In addition, the year of production and country of origin are also stated on the coin. Some silver coin series are issued with a new design each year, which makes these coins very popular among collectors.


What are the 5 most sold silver coins?

If you are considering buying silver coins, then you may be wondering which silver coins are sold the most. In the overview below, we have listed five of the coins that have been best-sellers for many years, with a number of these also known for their attractively low premium. When choosing these coins, you are safe in the knowledge that you can easily sell your silver in future anywhere in the world.

  1. Buy Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins
    This coin features an iconic Canadian design and has been designed with the latest anti-forgery security features. No wonder it is a worldwide best-seller!

  2. Buy American Eagle silver coins
    Has been issued by the US Mint since 1986 and has since become one of the most collected silver coins in American history. Also recognized as legal tender with a face value of 1 USD.

  3. Buy Vienna Philharmonic silver coins
    The Vienna Philharmonic is the European counterpart to immensely popular North American silver coins. It has been minted in Austria since 2008.

  4. Buy Chinese Panda silver coins
    The Chinese Panda silver coin is a good example of a collectible silver coin. This series has been minted annually with a new panda design since 1983. Very popular in China and far beyond.

  5. Buy Kookaburra silver coins
    A beautiful silver coin dedicated to the native Australian kookaburra. Issued every year The Perth Mint with a unique design and a limited mintage.


Storing and protecting your silver coins

Buying silver coins means owning a piece of physical precious metal. Like other valuable objects, it is important to think about where and how best to store your silver. At Goudpensioen you will receive your silver coins in a coin case, capsule or in a tube. This depends on the number of coins you buy and how the silver coins are originally delivered by the mint. The casing in which your coin is delivered should offer sufficient protection against scratches, dust and moisture. Keep in mind that you should not store your silver in direct sunlight or in a humid environment. If you want to admire the coin, make sure you only hold its edges between your fingers to avoid fingerprints and grease marks. Want to buy some additional silver coin protection? View all available products under Accessories.


Order silver coins - in Amsterdam or directly in our webshop

Buying precious metals is safe and easy at Goudpensioen with the following benefits:

Buy silver coins in Amsterdam
- Visit our store in Amsterdam De Pijp.

- Experience our personal service in a secure location.
- Pay in store and take available products home with you.

Buy silver coins online
- Shop at your convenience and pay by online banking.
- Your purchase will be delivered by insured shipment or pick up in store.
- There is no service charge on online orders and in-store collection is free.

Buy your silver coins today

From the popular silver investment coins to limited mintage coin series, you can buy silver coins directly from us. We accept your order 24 hours a day. View the available products from our range directly and then choose the product that suits your needs and your budget. We will handle your order with the utmost care. Moreover, we will do everything we can to deliver your products as soon as possible; silver coins that we have in stock are shipped discreetly and insured to your address or can be picked up free of charge in our store by Click & Collect.

Still have questions about buying silver coins or want to know more about our service? Find your answers on our frequently asked questions page.