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Most sold silver products

Here you will find our best-selling silver products. These are the silver bars and silver coins that haven proven to be popular among our customers. Every silver buyer has his or her favourite products. For example, these might be silver bars or coins that have a favourable retail price, or silver coins that can be collected as part of a series. Whatever reason you have to buy silver, why not take look at the products in this category for a dose of inspiration?

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What’s the story behind silver?

When prehistoric people dug the first copper mines around 5000 BC, they discovered large amounts of silver. This was no coincidence as silver veins are frequently found near copper veins. By 3000 BC, Anatolia, which is in modern-day Turkey, had developed large-scale silver mining in order to supply the demand of early ancient city states, which employed this precious metal for trading purposes. The name silver comes from the Anglo-Saxon “seolfor”. In Latin silver is called argentum, to which silver owes the symbol Ag on the periodic table.

Common silver applications

Silver is not only a popular bullion metal, but it is also one of the most useful metals known to man. Its applications are diverse, from jewellery to mirrors to medicine to engineering. Also known as the white metal, silver is considerably less rare and less expensive than gold. However, it is just as malleable and can therefore be shaped into silver sheets, silver wires and even nano silver. For industrial purposes, silver is the best electrical conductor and utilized in practically every electrical item manufactured.

How much silver is there in the world?

According to the United States Geological Survey, approximately 1.74 million metric tons of silver have been mined to date. Melted down, it would be possible to cast into a cube measuring 55 meters on all sides. Additionally, it is estimated that there could be up to 3.1 million metric tons of mineable silver still left to be unearthed. Mexico is the largest silver-producing country worldwide. In recent years, it has mined around 5,600 metric tons annually. China, Chile, Russia and Poland are also some of the largest producers of silver. However, Peru, although a relatively small country, is ramping up its production levels and it is believed to hold the largest silver reserves in the world, estimated at 91,000 metric tons.

Best-selling silver bars and silver coins

In the category best-selling silver bars and silver coins you will find products made by the world-renowned smelters and mints. These include Umicore, Heraeus, The Perth Mint, The Royal Mint and the Canadian Royal Mint. These companies not only have a long history in precious metal refining, they are also featured on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) 'Good Delivery List'. This means that these organisations meet very high production quality requirements and guarantees the authenticity of the silver you buy.

Fine silver versus sterling silver

You may be familiar with the terms fine silver and sterling silver. However, the difference between the two may not be immediately evident. As 100% pure silver is too soft for practical uses, the precious metal is mixed with harder metals to produce an alloy. To denote its fineness, silver purity is measured on a thousand-part scale. As it is impossible to cast silver that is 100% pure, .999 fine silver is considered to be silver in its purest form. This is the silver used to produce silver bars and investment-grade silver coins. Then there is sterling silver, which is one of the most commonly applied silvers worldwide. It also bears the name 925 silver in reference to its 92.5% purity and is usually combined with copper.

Buy popular silver products online

All of our silver products can be ordered directly in our webshop in just a few clicks. Do you want to know more about a specific product? You can read a detailed description on the product page, where you will also find information on the purity, weight and origin of the silver. Goudpensioen only sells silver of which we can guarantee the quality so you can easily trade your silver product again in the future. Discover our most popular silver products here.

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