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The gold Britannia coins not only represent a refined investment in gold but also tell a rich story filled with history, art, and national pride. When you buy gold coins from this series, they exemplify the craftsmanship of The Royal Mint, the venerable British Mint, and form a bridge between Great Britain's historical past and the modern era.

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The birth of an icon: introducing gold Britannia

This British gold coin was first minted in 1987, making the Gold Britannia the first European gold investment coin. The Britannia is an issuance by the British Royal Mint. This gold coin is minted in the following denominations: 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and also as an option to buy 1 troy ounce of gold. Between 1987 and 1989, the Gold Britannia was minted in an alloy of gold and copper, giving the coin a somewhat reddish hue. After 1990 and this coin was minted in an alloy of gold and silver.

Evolution in design and purity

The Royal Mint designed this gold coin as a tribute to Britannia, a female personification of Britain from Roman times. She is depicted here as depicted by the Romans, complete with helmet and shield, after a design by British sculptor Philip Nathan. The reverse shows the official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. These two elements ensure that the Britannia can be called a very British currency. Do you want to buy a golden Britannia? Order your coin directly online or in our store.

Today, those who choose to purchase a Gold Britannia acquire a coin minted in pure gold. Up until 2012, Gold Britannia coins were minted with a purity of 22 karats (916.7/1000), but from 2013 onwards, the Britannia is produced in 24-karat gold, equivalent buying gold content of 999.9/1000. Currently, the inscription "999.9 Fine Gold" is also displayed on the front of the coin. This transition to pure gold not only made the Britannia coins more attractive to investors but also emphasized the mint's commitment to quality and excellence. This change in purity resulted in a slight adjustment in the coin's dimensions, making coins minted before 2012 slightly different in size compared to their more recent counterparts.

An ode to Britannia: The coin's design

The Gold Britannia coin pays tribute to the female personification of Great Britain, a figure that originates from Roman times. On the coin, Britannia is depicted as the Romans saw her: majestic, with a helmet and shield, a design that springs from the creative mind of British sculptor Philip Nathan. This representation is not only a nod to the country's rich history but also symbolizes the resilience and spirit of Great Britain.

On the other side of the coin, we find a portrait of the British sovereign, a tradition that underscores the deep roots of the monarchy and its role in British society. Together, these two elements make the Britannia unmistakably British, a coin that represents both the rich history and the contemporary strength of the United Kingdom.

The popularity of the Gold Britannia

The Gold Britannia coins have secured a special place in the hearts of both collectors and investors. Their appeal lies not only in their financial value as investment gold but also in their aesthetic and historical significance. In addition to gold variants, The Royal Mint also offers a range of options for those looking to buy silver coins.

The Royal Mint: Guardian of British coinage

The production of the Gold Britannia coins is in the hands of The Royal Mint, an institution with a history that stretches back over 1100 years. This institution is renowned not only for its craftsmanship and innovation in coinage but also plays a pivotal role in the economic and cultural history of Great Britain. The Royal Mint has adapted and evolved over the centuries but has always maintained core values of quality, reliability, and design excellence. It is this commitment that ensures coins like the Britannia not only carry financial value but also a rich cultural and historical significance.

Innovation and tradition hand in hand

Over the years, The Royal Mint has found a fine balance between maintaining traditional coinage techniques and embracing innovation. This ensures that each coin they produce, like the Gold Britannia, is a work of art in itself. The Royal Mint's ability to innovate within the confines of their rich heritage has earned them a leading position in the world of coinage. For those interested in other British coins, consider exploring the category titled buy Queen’s Beasts gold coins.

An investment in beauty

Many investors opt for the Britannia due to the purity of the gold and the global recognition of The Royal Mint. Owning a Britannia coin is not just an investment in precious metal but also a piece of British history and art. The refined details and craftsmanship make each coin unique, a trait that adds to its appeal.

Gold Britannia Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III editions

Until 2023, the Gold Britannia coin was characterized by the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. This portrayal of the queen, in various versions over the years, underscored her long and memorable reign. The design on the reverse often featured Britannia, the female personification of Great Britain, representing the values and traditions of the country.

A historic moment for the Gold Britannia series and The Royal Mint came in 2023 when, following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the coins were for the first time minted with the portrait of King Charles III. This transition marks a new era for the British monarchy and the Britannia coin series. It symbolizes a seamless continuation of the British monarchy and its age-old traditions, while also starting a fresh new chapter for collectors and investors of these iconic coins. This historic change in the coin series carries deep symbolic value, reinforcing the enduring legacy of the Britannia coins as a timeless tribute to the United Kingdom and its monarchy.

Also of interest to collectors

For collectors, the Britannia coin offers a wealth of variety and history. The changes in design, alloys, and purity over the years present a fascinating narrative, perfect for those interested in the evolution of coinage and its place within British culture. Collecting different years or special editions can become a lifelong passion, each coin carrying its own story and background.