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Here you will find a wide range of gold products that do not specifically fall under the categories of gold bars or gold coins. When you buy gold, this includes items such as gold grains, a product widely used by goldsmiths and for casting gold bars. Items on the buy other gold products page may differ from time to time. If you cannot find your desired product, we recommend using our website search function. Or you can contact us directly.

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buy other goldWhere does gold come from?

Gold is different from other metals in that it originated in space and was not formed in the Earth’s crust. It originated when enormous stars burst into what is known as a supernova, after which gold arrived on our planet by means of asteroids when the earth was still fairly young. Today, gold is found in rock ores on pretty much every continent. Due to its density, most of the gold on earth sank to the bottom of the ocean. But just how much gold is there on earth? According to The World Gold Council, only around 190,040 metric tons of gold has mined to date. Although this sounds like a sizeable amount, again due to its density, the total of mined gold in the world is only enough to fill four Olympic swimming pools.

Gold's fundamental characteristics

The precious metal is found in nature in its purest form (24 karats). Gold has a unique yellow hue, is chemically resistant, conducts electricity and heat well, is non-magnetic and never rusts. And we know it to be a highly dense metal. Another noteworthy feature is that pure gold is incredibly soft but can be combined with other metals to create an alloy. The metals used in gold alloys have a considerable impact on the final alloy's qualities, particularly its hardness and colour.

The price of gold

buying other gold

Gold is traded on a global scale, and as such is influenced by a wide range of economic, social, and political factors. This makes it difficult to attribute gold and silver price swings to a particular event or scenario. Political as well as economic factors can have a significant impact on the gold price. Because the gold price is in constant motion, this affects the price of physical gold products. When the gold price increases, so does the value of your desired gold product. The price is fixed once your order has been confirmed and paid for. Good to know: the gold you buy with us is considered investment grade gold, this means that it is minted in a very high purity, in most cases 24 karat gold purity (which is noted as 99.99, for example).

How are gold bars made?

Gold bars can be produced in two ways: minting or casting. Casting entails putting molten gold into a mold. The other option is to mint a gold bar in the same way one would mint a gold coin, this is a more costly procedure. The finish of cast bars in rougher and looks ‘handmade’, while minted gold bars are uniform with sharp detailing. In general, large bars are made by means of casting and smaller ones are usually minted. The manufacturer's name, weight, and fineness or purity are commonly imprinted on both cast and minted bars. When you buy gold bars in small weights, these are frequently packaged in sealed protective casing with a serial number on an assayer's card. Larger cast bars may or may not be offered with certification.

Discover other high-quality gold products

All products can be ordered through our web shop. By clicking on a product from our range you will find a detailed description and additional pictures, as well as details regarding the purity, weight and origin of the item. Goudpensioen only sells gold product of which we can guarantee the quality so you can easily trade your gold product again in the future. Discover all the possibilities here.

Buy gold online or in our store

At Goudpensioen you can buy gold, silver and other precious metals quickly and safely directly in our webshop or even in our store in Amsterdam. This offers you the following options and benefits:

Buy gold online

- Place your order 24/7 and pay securely via online banking.
- Choose for insured shipping to your address or pick up in our store.
- No service charge and always access to your own shopping account.

Buy gold in our store

- Easily accessible location in Amsterdam De Pijp.
- Experience our personal service in a secure shopping environment.
- Pay in the store and take in-stock products home with you. 

Want to know more about buying gold?

From pure gold bars to world famous gold coins, whatever products you choose, we are here to help you find the gold product that suits your specific needs. Buy with us today by placing your order online and secure your capital for the future.

For more information about buying gold, check out our frequently asked questions.