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Why buy platinum?

Goudpensioen offers you the opportunity to buy platinum directly. This metal is ideal for those looking for an alternative to gold and silver, or for those looking to diversify their precious metal portfolio. Like gold and silver, platinum is minted as bar or coin and features stamps or engravings detailing the weight and purity.

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What is platinum?

Platinum is a precious metal that was first discovered a very long time ago. The Egyptians were already using platinum around 3,000 years ago. The first platinum jewellery was made around 1790 AD. It is a raw material that is very scarce, even scarcer than, gold and silver, for example. This makes it one of the rarest precious metals in the world. One explanation for this is that platinum is only mined in a few areas of the world, predominantly in North America, South Africa and in Russia. It is precisely this scarcity that makes it interesting for traders and private individuals to invest in platinum. Around 130 tons of platinum is extracted per year, which is almost incomparable with gold and silver.

Properties and uses of platinum

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An important characteristic of this precious metal is that platinum is a malleable material. It also has a white-grey sheen. Platinum is often used in industry and for scientific purposes. The precious metal does not become dull and is also not harmful to humans. Precisely for this reason, it is excellent for making jewellery. The greatest demand for platinum comes from Japan. There is continuous demand, which is likely to only increase the return on platinum. In addition, platinum is also used for the production of fibreglass and is also used in the production of medicine, petroleum and crude oil.

The international trade in platinum

Platinum is a highly valuable precious metal and even more expensive than gold. It is one of the strongest precious metals and therefore excellent for jewelery making and industrial applications. For example, it is used to use precious gems. It is a raw material that can also be found in international trade. The price of platinum is expressed in US dollars per troy ounce in the international commodity market. A troy ounce is about 31.1 grams. Platinum is often used in its purest form. Platinum that is traded internationally must bear a valid quality stamp.

Why choose physical platinum?

Platinum is one of earth’s rarest elements. To give a more exact idea of its rarity it is safe to say that the total of all platinum mined to date would fit into an average living room. Due to its high melting point, platinum is widely used for industrial purposes, including in oil refinery and aircraft production. The demand for platinum is growing while its supply lags behind. Buying platinum in the form of bars and coins makes it possible to invest in physical platinum.

Purchasing your platinum coins and bars

An increasing number of people are considering platinum as an interesting precious metal to invest in. Are you interested in buying physical platinum? The you can choose to buy platinum bars or to buy platinum coins. View all available products on our website and place your order directly. The prices are linked to the current platinum rates and are updated throughout the day.

Platinum compared to other precious metals

When you compare platinum to other metals, you will see that the trading price is usually very high. This has to do with the fact that platinum is a rare material. That being said, there are still many fluctuations in the price of platinum. There is a greater demand than supply. This can make it a very interesting investment in the long run. In addition, it is wise to take into account the VAT levied on platinum products, as this also affects the price you pay for your physical platinum. Good to know: the price you see on our website at the time of ordering is also the price you will pay for your platinum. If trading prices rise after you have purchased your platinum, then the profits are yours!

Discreet and fast service

Buy platinum online or in our store. Your purchase will be delivered discreetly by post or can be picked up in person in our store. Discover all the possibilities on offer and choose the product that fits your budget and your preferences. Goudpensioen sells only high-quality platinum, from bars produced by refineries that adhere to the guidelines as presented by the London Platinum and Palladium Market to platinum coins minted by world-famous mints.