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  1. 1 Oz Koala 2022 silver coin
    1 Oz Koala 2022 silver coin
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Buy silver coins per country

Do you want to buy silver coins by country? Shop yours directly in the Goudpensioen webshop. Silver coins have been minted by countries all over the world for many years. America, Australia, Canada and China are just a few examples of silver coin producing nations. Such coins are minted in large quantities for the precious metal trade and many silver coins often belong to a series. In addition, there are coins that mainly serve as an investment in silver. Characteristics of these investment grade coins are that the design remains unchanged and are offered at a lower premium.

Choose silver coins from all over the world

When it comes to buying silver coins, there is a lot of choice in this category. Search for a coin of your choice from the list of countries and regions directly in the Goudpensioen webshop. In some cases, the country of issue may differ from the country of the coin’s production. For example, New Zealand produces various coins that are issued on behalf of Pacific Islands nations such as Niue, Samoa and Tuvalu, and the coins from the Somalian Elephant series are actually minted by the Bavarian State Mint.


What makes a silver coin collectable?

Generally speaking, silver coins can be divided into two categories: investment coins and coins that are suitable for collecting. Whether a coin is collectable depends mainly on whether it is minted for a limited period only. This is often the case with coins that belong to a series and that are released each year with a new design. Therefore, such coins are attractive to silver buyers who hope not only for an increase in silver value, but also an increase in demand for a specific coin. The product descriptions in our webshop will help you discover whether a coin belongs to a series and under the specifications you can find information regarding its mintage. If mintage is low, the greater the chance that a coin will still be popular among collectors in years to come. However, future demand is never guaranteed.


These are the most popular silver coins worldwide

Curious about the most loved and best-known silver coins in the world? In the list below you will find a selection of coins from our range that have been bestsellers for years, arranged by continent:


Silver coins from Europe:

The Austrian Vienna Philharmonic silver coin has long been a European bestseller. It is a tribute to the world's most famous orchestra. Also, British coins minted by The Royal Mint remain very popular. These include the Britannia silver coin, as well as The Queen's Beasts and UK Lunar series of silver coins.


Silver coins from America (USA - Canada - Mexico):

Unsurprisingly, some of most widely sold silver coins in the world come from North American countries. These include the American Eagle silver coin, Maple Leaf silver coin from Canada and the Mexican Libertad.


Silver coins from Africa:
Africa is known for the Krugerrand coin, which is minted by Rand Refinery. Although its silver version may not be as widely recognized as the gold Krugerand coin, it also hasn't been around for very long – first minted in silver in 2017. In addition, you can find African silver coins from Rwanda, Somalia and Chad.

Silver coins from Asia and Oceania:

In Asia, the Chinese Panda silver coin has become one of the most collected coins to date. While in Oceania, New Zealand and Australia are some of the largest producers of silver coins, such as the Koala, Kangaroo and Kookaburra silver coins.


What do silver coins weigh?

Many silver coins are minted in troy ounces, this is the standard weight for precious metals and is equal to 31.1 grams pure silver. In addition, you can also choose to buy silver coins in heavier weights, such as 2 troy ounce (62.2 grams) or in weights of ten troy ounces and one kilo or more. These silver coins are minted in high-purity silver making them very suitable for those looking for an alternative to buying silver bars.


International silver coins and the silver price

Considering to buy international silver coins? Then you probably want to know what to expect with regard to a possible increase in silver value. As you are buying a piece of physical silver, the value of your coin is always initially linked to the current silver price. The silver price fluctuates throughout the day and, over a period of time, can turn out to be significantly higher or lower than when you purchased your coins. If there is an increase in the price of silver, the value of your coin will also increase – after all, the price per gram will go up as a result. When this is the case, some buyers choose to sell (a part of) their coin collection, or to hold onto their coins with a view to a further price increase. But beware, a dip in silver price can (temporarily) affect the value of your coins.


How does buying silver coins by country work?

Buy silver coins online or plan a visit to our store in Amsterdam. It works as follows:


  • Browse coins per country and choose your desired coin
  • Pay safely and securely online
  • Shipped discreetly and insured or collect your coins in person at our store


  • Plan a visit to our store in Amsterdam for a personal shopping experience
  • Inform us of your order prior to your visit
  • Pay in store and take stocked products home with you

Buy silver coins from every corner of the world

Goudpensioen offers you a wide range of silver coins, sorted by country of origin. These coins are minted as investment-grade silver or as collectable items, so there is plenty of choice and a silver coin to suit every budget. Discover the different coins and series from all over the world.

Want to know more about shopping at Goudpensioen or have a specific questions about buying silver coins? You can find answers on our frequently asked questions page or contact us directly.