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Buy Myths and Legends gold coins


In 2021, The Royal Mint launched the opportunity to buy gold coins from the Myths and Legends series, which brings famous figures from British folklore back to life. This mint, with a history spanning over a thousand years, is an icon of monetary and cultural prestige. Located in the United Kingdom, this institution has dedicated itself over the centuries to producing coins that are rich both in value and in narrative power.

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The story behind the Myths and Legends gold coins

The Myths and Legends series from The Royal Mint is a triumph of artistic execution and cultural heritage, immortalizing the stories of ancient heroes and heroines in shining gold. Each coin in this series not only offers a piece of history but also a work of art that highlights the rich traditions of British folklore. For collectors and enthusiasts of history and those looking to buy gold, this series represents a precious opportunity to hold a piece of legend in their hands.

The adventures of Robin Hood: the hero of Sherwood (2021)

The first coin in this prestigious series is dedicated to Robin Hood, a hero synonymous with justice and rebellion against corrupt nobility. Struck in one troy ounce of pure gold, the coin features a detailed image of Robin Hood, hidden in the Sherwood forests, bow drawn and ready to fight injustice. This coin is not only a celebration of the legendary folk hero but also a tribute to the age-old stories that have been passed down through generations and form the core of the English national identity.

Maid Marian: the fearless companion (2022)

A year after Robin Hood, The Royal Mint introduced the Maid Marian coin, which also contains an ounce of gold. Maid Marian, often seen as the heart of the Robin Hood legends, is depicted as a figure of courage and compassion. On the coin, she stands proudly with a bow in her hand, a symbol of her autonomy and fiery spirit. This coin celebrates not only her role within the stories but also highlights the strength of female characters in folklore and history.

Little John: the loyal giant (2022)

The third edition in the series focuses on Little John, known for his strength, size, and unwavering loyalty to Robin Hood. The gold coin of Little John shows this gigantic figure with his characteristic quarterstaff, ready to spring into action. This coin recognizes the value of friendship and loyalty, themes that are central to many myths and legends and are essential to the stories around Robin Hood.

Koning Arthur: the ultimate monarch (2023)

In 2023, The Royal Mint released a coin dedicated to perhaps the most iconic figure in British mythology: King Arthur. Depicted in gold, Arthur holds his sword in hand, symbolic of his rightful rule and his quest for justice and righteousness. This coin is not only a tribute to the Arthur legend but also reflects the timeless quest for ideals such as honor and integrity in leadership.

Merlin: the wise wizard (2023)

Equally important in Arthurian legends is Merlin, the wizard whose wisdom and power helped King Arthur through many trials. The Merlin coin of 2023, struck in pure gold, shows the mighty wizard, surrounded by mystical symbols of his magical powers. This coin celebrates the power of knowledge and the important role of mentors who provide guidance and wisdom.

Morgan Le Fay: the enchanting enigma (2024)

The 1 Oz Morgan Le Fay gold coin was added to the series in 2024. As a complex and often misunderstood figure, Morgan represents the duality of nature and human emotions. On the coin, she is depicted in a magical pose, with the mysterious and dark aspects of her character brought to the forefront. This coin explores themes of power, seduction, and transformation, all central to her stories.


Gold content of the 1 Oz Myths and Legends coins

The gold coins from the Myths and Legends series by The Royal Mint are struck in high-quality 999.9 pure gold, meaning that each coin contains one ounce of the purest gold. This gold content has become standard for investment coins and assures collectors and investors of the intrinsic value of the coins. By using gold of this purity, The Royal Mint emphasizes its commitment to quality and sustainability, while the coins remain an attractive option for both collectors and investors who, in addition to opting to buy silver coins, are looking for a solid addition to their portfolio.

The heritage and impact of the Myths and Legends series

The Myths and Legends series by The Royal Mint does more than just produce beautiful coins; it reminds us of the power of stories and how they shape our culture and values. By celebrating each character, The Royal Mint contributes to the preservation of these timeless legends for future generations. The popularity of the series underscores a universal human trait: the need for stories that inspire us, unite us, and remind us of our shared humanity.

Technical excellence and artistic innovation

Each coin in the series is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and innovation. The Royal Mint employs advanced minting techniques and artistic designs that capture the essence of each legendary figure. The detailing in each coin speaks to the technical skill of the mintmasters, who blend traditional methods with modern technology to make each coin a unique piece of art. This technical excellence not only contributes to the aesthetic value of the coins but also ensures their enduring value as investments.

Investment value and collectibility

Gold has always played a vital role as a safe haven during uncertain economic times, and coins like those in the 'Myths and Legends' series are particularly valuable to both investors and collectors. The limited mintage of each coin enhances their rarity and potential for appreciation over time. Collectors value these coins not just for their financial worth, but also for their cultural and artistic significance, making them a versatile addition to any collection. You can also buy Myths and Legends silver coins.

History of The Royal Mint

Located in the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint has a rich history dating back to the 9th century, making it one of the oldest active mints in the world. As the official coin producer of the United Kingdom, it is responsible for striking all British coins, as well as coins for many other countries. Besides producing circulating currency, The Royal Mint also creates commemorative and collectible coins that celebrate cultural heritage and national stories, like the 'Myths and Legends' series. This institution combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies to ensure the quality and authenticity of its coins.

1 Oz gold coins from the Myths and Legends series

The Myths and Legends series features the following 1 Oz gold coins:

1 Oz Myths and Legends - Robin Hood 2021 gold coin
1 Oz Myths and Legends - Maid Marian 2022 gold coin
1 Oz Myths and Legends - Little John 2022 gold coin
1 Oz Myths and Legends - King Arthur 2023 gold coin
1 Oz Myths and Legends - Merlin 2023 gold coin
1 Oz Myths and Legends - Morgan Le Fay 2024 gold coin