1/4 Oz Britannia gold coin (various years)

The 1/4 Troy ounce Britannia coin is part of the Britannia series of coins which consists of four different weight categories. Because the coin is minted as a limited edition, the coin’s value has increased significantly.

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Europe's 1st gold bullion coin: the one quarter Troy ounce Britannia.
The quarter Troy ounce Britannia is the first European gold investment coin and has been minted since 1987 the Royal Mint of Britain. This British currency was named after the female personification of Britain who graces the coin: Britannia.

22 carats
The 1/4 Troy ounce Britannia coin is minted from 22 carat (91.67%) gold. Until 1989 a copper alloy of 1/12 was used. After this time a silver-copper alloy has been used, changing the coin’s distinguishing colour from red-gold  to yellow-gold. The coin is issued in four sizes: 1 gram, half Troy ounce, quarter Troy ounce and a tenth Troy ounce. From 1997, the Britannia has also been minted  in silver.

Until 2000, the currency was adorned every year  with the same design of the Britannia with the shield, helmet and trident, designed by Philip Nathan. Since 2001, the design of the Britannia has been changed every odd year. The reverse of the quarter troy ounce Britannia shows Queen Elizabeth II.


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More Information
Manufacturer The Royal Mint
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Fineness916 or 999.9
Weight of precious metal7.77 gram | 1/4 Oz
Face valueGBP 25
Diameter (mm)22
Thickness (mm)1.6
PackageCoin cover
Delivery timeNot available

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