1 gram gold CombiBar

The 1 gram gold CombiBar is a small gold bar deriving from a larger CombiBar. The Combibar has been designed and produced in a fragile chocolate bar form allowing 1 gram pieces of gold to be broken off from it. Comes with a LBMA Good Delivery seal of approval.

In stock

In stock

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1 gram gold CombiBar
This loose 1 gram gold bar has been broken off from a larger 50 gram gold CombiBar which means that a small deviation in its weight may occur. The bar sold to you can therefore actually weigh anywhere between 0.95 grams and 1.05 grams. The 1 gram gold bar has a dimensions of seven by  ten millimeters and is sold without a certificate.

Exclusive and unique
The CombiBar is a unique product patented for its chocolate bar form that allows 1 gram pieces to be broken off from it. Valcambi, the Swiss company that produces the CombiBar, acquired an exclusive license for the production of these gold bars in 2011. These bars have been accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). This is a seal of approval which guarantees product quality and makes sure your gold remains and easy to trade all over the world.

Order and delivery
You can buy your bar of gold online or directly in our store. Simply add the product to your virtual shopping cart. We offer delivery by post or your purchase can be personally collected. For availability and delivery times, please refer to the Additional Information tab. A bulk discount can be applied when you order three or more Valcambi 1 gram gold bars.  

* The image shown is an example, the product may differ. You will receive a combibar from an random manufacturer, it is not possible to choose one. You will receive the product in a capsule.
** The weight shown relates solely to the weight of the precious metal. The total weight of the product may differ.
*** Prices shown are inclusive of VAT (if applicable).

More Information
Manufacturer Other
Country of originRandom
Weight of precious metal1 gram
Width (mm)6,8
Height (mm)10
Thickness (mm)0.8
PackageCoin capsule
Delivery timeIn stock

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