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100 x 1 gram silver CombiBar coinbar

Silver CombiBar comes as a silver bar of 100 grams and is manufactured from 99.9% pure silver. The Combibar can be broken into separate 1 gram pieces therefore offering ultimate flexibility. Each 1 gram piece hold an official stamp certifying its quality and weight.

If this product is not available, it is possible that the "100 gram silver bar Combibar" is available.

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This silver Combibar is a sheet of 99.9 pure silver divided into 100 x 1 gram pieces that can be easily broken off. The bar has a Good Delivery seal of approval which means your silver purchase will remain easy to trade throughout the world. The silver Combibar offers ultimate flexibility allowing you to choose exactly how much of its 100 gram weight you wish to sell or give away as a gift.  

As well as its high purity and flexibility the 100g silver Combibar has the overall dimensions of 105 mm in length, 74 mm wide and and is exactly 1.5 mm thick. The Combibar is produced by different manufacturers, but you are always assured that the Combibar you receive will be of the highest quality and superbly manufactured. Please refer to the product images to see an example.


* The image shown is an example, the product may differ.
** The weight shown relates solely to the weight of the precious metal. The total weight of the product may differ.
*** Prices shown are inclusive of VAT (if applicable).

More Information
VATMarge tarief
Manufacturer Heimerle Meule
Country of originRandom
Weight of precious metal100 gram
Face valueCI$ 0.10 per piece (total: CI$ 10)
Width (mm)74
Height (mm)105
Thickness (mm)1.5
QualityUNC (uncirculated)
Delivery timeNot available

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