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Want to secure your capital?
In these financially uncertain times, investment in tangible silver is a safe way of protecting your captial. For many people this is a comforting thought, as precious metals will always retain their value, even in times of inflation. The experts at will gladly provide you with a thorough and personal advice about investing in silver in the form of silver coins or silver bars.

Buy silver and invest in your future right now!
Unlike gold, silver holds important value in the industrial world. Investors not only see silver as a monetary metal but are also very interested in its industrial possibilities. The shortages of silver on the world market has led to a growing interest in this precious metals as more people are discovering the benefits of investing in silver. It is therefore advisable to act quickly in order to take full advantage of this increasingly popular precious metal. Silver is still relatively inexpensive to buy, so anyone investing at this time will be investing a great and valuable possession.

Silver coins: a safe choice
Silver is available to purchase in silver bars and silver coins. Internationally recognized silver coins include: the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle and the Mexican Libertad. These silver coins all weigh 1 troy ounce. This international measurement of silver coins is equivalent to 31.103 grams of pure silver. These silver coins are legal tender and interesting purchases for both collectors and investors. Therefore, buying silver coins is a safe investment choice. Another advantage of buying a series of silver coins is that they are easy to sel. As the margin scheme applies to silver coins, VAT is not deductible for businesses. This is possible, however, when purchasing silver bars.

Silver bars: security by the kilo!
An alternative to purchasing silver coins is investment in silver bars. In Europe this is a very common way of investing in silver. The best-selling silver bar weighs one kilo and consists of pure silver (999/1000). These bars are easy to manage and you need not be dependent on a bank and the additional, often high storage costs. It goes without saying that the silver bars we have all been produced by companies that are accredited by the LBMA and can be traded anywhere in the world without difficulty. A kilo of silver bar is taxed at 21% VAT. These bars are more favorable for companies because the tax can be deducted.

We understand that the choice of the various investment possibilities of silver can be complex. Therefore Goudpensioen is happy to provide you with reliable and discreet information so you can make a wise and safe investment in your financial future!

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