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1 oz Call of Wild - Howling Wolf 2014 gold coin

The 1 oz gold Call of Wild Howling Wolf 2014 is a special edition Maple Leaf and part of a series of wildlife-themed gold coins. The coin is minted in the highest purity 999.99/1000 gold and weighs exactly 1 Troy Ounce (31.1 grams).

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The Royal Canadian Mint has produced a new range of Maple Leaf gold coins which will be released as part of annual gold coin series known as the Call of the Wild series. This series is characterized by a Canadian wilderness theme with the first coin featuring as the 1 Oz Howling Wolf 2014. All coins from this series are minted in the purest 99999 gold and are therefore of higher purity than the standard golden Maple Leafs. The coin comes in a special certicard packaging with information about the it purity and weight (1 troy Ounce / 31,1 grams).

Coins of the Call of the Wild series
The Call of the Wild series consists of the followin coins:

2014: 1 Oz Call of the Wild - Howling Wolf gold coin
2015: 1 Oz Call of the Wild - Growling Cougar gold coin
2016: 1 Oz Call of the Wild - Roaring Grizzly Bear gold coin
2017: 1 Oz Call of the Wild - Elk gold coin
2018: 1 Oz Call of the Wild - Golden Eagle gold coin
2019: 1 Oz Call of the Wild - Moose gold coin
2020: 1 Oz Call of the Wild - Bobcat gold coin

Special edition Maple Leaf: Howling Wolf
Fans of the Maple Leaf will most certainly regard the Call of the Wild series as a welcome addition to their collection of gold coins. This stunning coin features a detailed illustration of the wolf after which the coin is named. Canadian artist Pierre Leduc designed the coin to feature the wolf in his most characteristic pose: howling. A backdrop of soundwaves complete the picture. In the wild a wolf’s howl is used as a means of communication to keep the pack together as well as a signal of impending danger.

Purest golden Howling Wolf coin
A notable feature of the Howling Wolf coin is its purity of 999.99/1000 gold, making it the purer than the standard Maple Leaf gold coins. The small maple leaf hallmark, now a standard feature on all Maple Leaf coins, can be found beneath the wolf illustration. As is the case with all Royal Canadian Mint coins, the flipside of the Howling Wolf holds the official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

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More Information
VAT0% tarief
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint
Country of originCanada
Weight of precious metal31.10 gram | 1 Oz
QualityUNC (uncirculated)
Face valueCA$ 200
Diameter (mm)30
Thickness (mm)2.8
Delivery timeNot available

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