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20 Francs France Napoleon III gold coin (1853 - 1860)

The 20 Francs France Napoleon III gold coin (1853 - 1860) is a famous coin from France. No longer issued, therefore sold based on its availability. It contains 5.8 grams of gold with a 900/1000 purity.

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The French 20 Francs France Napoleon III gold coin (1853 - 1860) is the most famous gold coin French Franc coin and is also simply called the Napoleon. It is is minted in 90% gold and has a weight of 5.8 grams. The coin first appeared in 1803 during the reign of Napoleon I and was still issued in gold until after the reign of Napoleon III, right up until 1914.

History of the 20 Franc Napoleon III gold coin (1853 - 1860)
The Franc was the official currency of France between 1795 and 1999. The portrait of Napoleon I adorns the first editions of these coins. Most 20 Franc coins date from the era of Napoleon III (1853-1870). From 1899 onwards it appeared with a new design: the 20 Franc rooster.

Order your 20 Franc Napoleon III gold coin
As the 20 Franc coin is no longer issued, it can only be ordered based on its current availability. When in stock, you can make your purchase directly in our online store. More specifications about this coin can be found by clicking on the “More Information” tab.

* The image shown is an example, the product may differ. This product is circulated and could have scratches and marks on it. No choose in year, a random year will be supplied.
** The weight shown relates solely to the weight of the precious metal. The total weight of the product may differ.
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More Information
VAT0% tarief
Manufacturer Monnaie de Paris
Country of originFrance
Fineness900 / 21 karat
Weight of precious metal5.80 gram
Face value20 Francs
Diameter (mm)21.4
Thickness (mm)1.2
PackageCoin cover
Delivery timeNot available

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