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1 Kilo Lunar Series II Horse 2014 silver coin

The 1 kilo Lunar Horse 2014 coin is a silver coin minted by manufacturer Perth Mint in Australia. The design of this silver coin was inspired by the Chinese Lunar calendar. According to this moon-based calendar, 2014 is known as the Year of the Horse, and for that reason two horses have been depicted on the 2014 edition of this 1 kilo Lunar coin.

5 - 15 business days delivery

5 - 15 business days delivery

  • The Perth Mint

Once again Perth Mint Australia has released an exceptionally designed coin. The Lunar Horse has been minted for the year 2014 and is set to be just as popular as its gold counterpart. Lunar coins hold a new design each and every year. This coin has been designed to feature two horses, stopping to drink at a waterhole. Behind them we see a landscape of rugged nature. The coin’s weight, fineness and nominal value is displayed on the reverse along with a portrait of HRM Queen Elizabeth II.

Lunar Horse 2014
The Lunar Horse coin is the seventh coin in the second Lunar series and was released in late 2013. As usual this silver coin is minted in an array of different sizes including the popular Troy Ounce (31.1 gram) version as well as the smaller half ounce coin. The largest coin minted in this series is the giant 10 kilo Lunar Horse 2014 which can be obtained on request. Due to popular demand and the coin’s limited mintage, Lunar coins are subject to availability.

The Lunar calendar
The Lunar moon calendar is most probably the oldest chronological calendar known to man. It is based on the appearance of the new moon and each year is centered around a different animal. According to Chinese tradition, every animal can be associated with a certain type of personality. The Lunar cycle lasts for a total of 12 years before beginning again with the animal is started with. We are currently in the second Lunar series. The Lunar Series I was completed in 2007. Despite the fact that these Lunar coins are actually minted by the Australian Perth Mint, they are and continue to be extremely popular all over the world and especially in China where they are avidly collected.

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More Information
VATMarge tarief
Manufacturer The Perth Mint
Country of originAustralia
Weight of precious metal1 kilogram
QualityUNC (uncirculated)
Face valueAU$ 30
Diameter (mm)100.6
Thickness (mm)14.6
PackageCoin capsule
Delivery time5 - 15 business days delivery

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