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Dutch Five Guilder Wilhelmina 1912 gold coin

Buy the Dutch Five Guilder Wilhelmina gold coin minted in 1912. It is made in gold with a 900/1000 purity and weighs 3.024 grams. More product details can be found by clicking on the “More Information” tab.

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On request


The Dutch Five Guilder Wilhelmina 1912 gold coin is the only gold Five Guilder to be minted during Queen Wilhelmina's reign. The coin has a face value of five guilders, but contains 3,024 grams of quality gold. Are you looking for special and uncommon Dutch coin? Then the Dutch Five Guilder Wilhelmina 1912, or ‘Vijfje’ gold coin is certainly an interesting addition for your gold coin collection.

The design of the Dutch Five Guilder Wilhelmina 1912 gold coin
The obverse of the Dutch Five Guilder Wilhelmina 1912 gold coin features an impressive depiction of Queen Wilhelmina, a queen who is considered very important to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Her portrait on the obverse of the gold coin is accompanied by her name. The other side of the coin reveals the shield of the Dutch royal family .

Dutch Five Guilder Wilhelmina: loved by collectors
The Five Guilder Wilhelmina 1912 is the last of its kind to be minted in gold. This fact, along with the coin’s high gold purity, have made the coin a popular choice for collectors and lovers of Dutch gold coins. As this coin was minted in 1912, it holds great historical value, which may well increase over the year. Order yours now online, subject to availability.

* The image shown is an example, the actual product may differ. This product is circulated and could have scratches and marks on it.
** The weight refers to the weight of the precious metal. The total weight of the product may therefore differ.
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More Information
VAT0% tarief
Manufacturer Koninklijke Nederlandse
Country of originNetherlands
Fineness900 / 21 karat
Weight of precious metal3.024 gram
Face valueNLG 5
Diameter (mm)18
Thickness (mm)1,1
PackageCoin cover
Delivery timeOn request

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