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-Due to increased demand for precious metals, the minimum order amount is 250 Euro, also in our store.

-Due also the high demand orders may have an extra delivery time of 2 - 3 business days.

-We are currently less accessible by the phone, we recommend that you email us or use our contact form.

Buy precious metals

Buy gold: simple, fast and reliable

For over a decade, Goudpensioen has offered you the opportunity to buy investment-grade precious metals and gold and silver collectable coins. Make your purchase 24 hours a day directly in our webshop or visit our store in Amsterdam. Are you looking for an established name in precious metal sales? Experience our service online or in person at our store.

The benefits of buying with Goudpensioen

  • Shop securely online or in our store
  • The largest assortment of silver and gold
  • Many products available from stock
  • Real-time pricing
  • Fast, discreet delivery
  • 100% buyback guarantee

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Buy gold in Amsterdam at Goudpensioen

You don't buy gold every day and at Goudpensioen we understand this. That’s why buying gold securely is our top priority. Purchase your gold in our store in Amsterdam or order directly online in our webshop. Whatever you choose, we will assist you with the widest range of precious metal products coupled with our fast, professional service.

Why buy precious metal in physical form?

There are several ways to buy gold, for example by investing in gold futures or  in gold mining shares. However, these two examples are not tangible options when it comes to buying gold. Over the centuries, gold has proven its worth in turbulent economic times. Owning physical gold is therefore an easily achievable way for many people to secure part of their assets - especially in uncertain times and now that it no longer pays to keep savings in the bank. What’s more, in these times of crisis and toppling financial institutions, increasingly more people are choosing to buy gold directly in hand, in its most tangible form possible.
buy gold Amsterdam

The benefits of physical precious metal

Reasons for buying gold or silver may not be the same for everyone. But whatever your motivation, buying physical precious metal brings with it the following advantages:

  • Easily protect your assets in the form of tangible gold or silver
  • Gold and silver can be traded worldwide on the basis of precious metal prices
  • Your precious metal increases in value when trading prices rise
  • Special coins may accumulate collector’s value in the future


From popular investment product to collectible coins

Once you have made the choice to buy precious metal in physical form, it’s time to get acquainted with the different products from our range. There are two common options when it comes to buying gold: buying gold bars or buying gold coins.

Buy gold bars

A firm favourite among gold buyers. This is because gold bars generally have a slightly lower premium when compared to gold coins. These gold pieces are minted in 24-carat gold with an official smelter’s stamp. Additionally, gold bars feature information on the weight and purity. Some bars even come with a certificate of authenticity and unique serial number. Gold bars are available from as little as 1 gram in weight and are produced by famous refiners such as Umicore, Heraeus and Perth Mint.

Buy gold coins

Many gold investors look to purchase products that offer the best gold price per gram. In many cases gold bars fill this brief. However, there are also a number of very suitable gold investment coins that offer both a relatively low premium and are extremely easy to trade worldwide. What’s more, gold coins are an excellent way to purchase troy ounces in a compact form (this is the standard precious metal trade weight and corresponds to 31.1 grams). In addition, choosing for low mintage gold coins increases the chance of adding collectible value to your precious in the future.

Not sure which product best suits your needs? Find out more about buying gold in Amsterdam in the following post:

Gold coins or gold bars – what to buy?

Buy gold in Amsterdam: collect in store or insured shipping

We understand the importance of security and flexibility when it comes to buying gold.For this reason, when placing your order in our webshop, you always have the choice between free pick-up in our store in Amsterdam De Pijp or insured shipping to your address. Choosing the latter comes with the following benefits:

  • If in stock, your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days
  • The contents of your package are insured up to € 15,000
  • Discreetly packaged with traceable delivery to your address

Buy silver in Amsterdam at Goudpensioen

You can also visit our store if you are looking to buy silver in Amsterdam. Purchases can be made by appointment at our address or order your silver directly online and choose for insured home delivery. Buying physical silver is another way of making your assets tangible and can be worth considering as a supplement to your gold portfolio. At Goudpensioen, you can buy silver is in various forms and weights, from popular 1 troy ounce silver coins to giant silver bars weighing several kilos.
buy silver Amsterdam

Buy silver bars

Like gold, silver is produced in many different weights in the bar form. Given the historical price differences between these two precious metals, buying silver bars is often a very practical consideration; those who choose to buy silver are likely to be investing in kilos instead of grams. Silver bars are ideal for stacking and therefore easy to store, at home or in a dedicated safe. The big difference between gold bars and silver bars is that the latter are subject to high VAT rates. This is not the case when purchasing investment gold.

Buy silver coins

The most popular option when it comes to buying silver is buying silver coins. Well-known investment coins such as the Maple Leaf, Vienna Philharmonic, American Eagle and Australian Kangaroo are traded in large quantities all over the world. A very attractive feature of such silver coins is that, in most cases, thes products can be purchased free of VAT and are therefore the most affordable option for private buyers. Those who prefer bars may find silver coin bars an interesting option. These are silver bars but with a nominal value, which means they come with the same benefits as silver coins.

Want to know more? Read the following post before you buy silver in Amsterdam:

Silver coins or silver bars – what to buy?

Globally tradable gold and silver

When buying physical precious metal you want the guarantee of products that you can easily exchange for money in the future. Choosing Goudpensioen comes with the assurance that the precious metal you buy only comes from smelters and mints that are registered on the London Bullion Market (LBMA) Good Delivery List. This means you can be sure that these gold and silver products meet the highest quality requirements and that your precious metal will remain tradable all over the world.

Looking to buy silver securely? Choose Goudpensioen.

Whether you want to buy online or in person, Goudpensioen is your reliable shopping partner with over a decade of trading experience. Buy your silver, gold and other precious metals directly securely in our webshop or visit us today to buy silver in Amsterdam.

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