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Palladium – the new gold!
Palladium is an extremely rare precious metal. Even rarer and more precious than gold and platinum. The benefits of owning palladium are still relatively undiscovered by the masses, so this exclusive material offers you a fantastic profit perspective! Do you also see the potential in owning palladium? Grab your chance now! Owning your own piece of palladium means having a superior precious metal your hands as well as a great financial perspective.

Stand out from the crowd by choosing palladium!
Palladium is a rare, soft, silvery white metal found in platinum ore. Palladium is mined in Russia, Australia and America. In the current economic climate the majority of people choose to invest in better known precious metals, like gold and silver. As a result, the price of these precious metals is quickly rising. Don't follow the crowd, look further and discover the possibilities that palladium has to offer!

Palladium is a rising star
Palladium is currently the main raw material used in catalytic converters in cars. The booming global automobile industry is a huge consumer of this precious metal as the demand for catalytic converters grows in places like Asia and Brazil. The largest palladium mines are located in South Africa and Russia. The mining industry is only growing by five percent per year and is finding it hard to keep up with huge demand for palladium. In these politically unstable mining countries closure of mines or export restrictions can have a direct effect on the supply of palladium. A disruption in the supply of palladium from Russia at the end of nineties resulted in the palladium price rising by over 50% ! Which demonstrates that the price of this precious metal can rise dramatically within a short period of time – which can turn into a very lucrative investment!

Buy palladium
Goudpensioen is one of a few select companies in the Netherlands that gives you the exclusive opportunity to buy palladium securely and discretely. Our recognized quality guarantees a safe investment of your assets. Count on us for expert advice tailored specifically to your needs and financial situation. Here at Goudpensioen we believe personal service is paramount.

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