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Gold Dutch Ten Guilder (various years)

The gold Dutch Ten Guilder coin is a collector's favourite. This coin weighs 6.7 grams and contains 21 carat gold.

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In 1875 The gold Dutch Ten Guilder coin was introduced as the standard when the  in the Netherlands adopted a gold standard with 1 guilder equal to 604.8 milligrams of fine gold. The coin remained official Dutch currency until 1933 when the gold standard was abolished.

The rarest gold Dutch Ten Guilder stems from the year 1892 and is highly sought after by collectors. In that year just 62 coins were minted, making them now almost impossible to find.  In 1936, the paper currency became the standard and there was no longer need to produce the coins. From this date onwards the gold Dutch Ten Guilder coin was no longer considered legal tender.

It is not possible to request a coin minted in a specific year.

* The image shown is an example, the actual product may differ. This product is circulated and could have scratches and marks on it.
** The weight refers to the weight of the precious metal. The total weight of the product may therefore differ.
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More Information
Manufacturer Koninklijke Nederlandse
Country of origin Netherlands
Metal Gold
Fineness 900 / 21 karat
Weight of precious metal 6.048 gram
Quality Circulated
Year Random
Face value NLG 10
Diameter (mm) 22.5
Thickness (mm) 1.3
Package Coin cover
Certificate No
Delivery time Not available

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